The Girls Are Back…

Summer in Atlanta is over for the girls, at least for the most part.  They arrived delayed 2 Saturdays ago before school started Monday the 8th,  happy and excited to see me and vice versa. All I could think about was that I had a day and a half to get them home and ready for school on Mon.  The good thing is that Dad had them on a schedule in NY while attending camp daily from 8-5pm this summer.

We get through the weekend with not too much pain and out the door on time Monday morning.  However, halfway through the week I notice that the sparkle in Kalia’s eye for school is very dim.  She is usually overwhelmed with joy at the thought of going to school.  Not to mention my social butterfly.  So when asked why the upside down smile, she says, my teacher for 1st grade is “mean”!  Of course, I try to talk her out of it, “you know” persuade her to see a brighter side.  No luck on my end!

I attempted to get to the bottom of this. I mean seriously, poor thing hasn’t smiled in 3 days.  Thursday evening I rush to Curriculum night so I can have a chat with “Ms. Meany”, I mean, Ms. Thompson.  Well she confirmed for me that she is mean, and she pushes her kids.

My first thought was, wait a minute that’s my baby!  You can’t do that to her.  She is smart – you need to be nice!  But after talking with some other parents, I have come to the conclusion that it may not be my first choice in methods of teaching 1st graders, but it will probably be best in the long run.  It’s just a little difficult to watch my “baby” have to grow up and mature before I may have been ready. :(

Kiara on the other hand hasn’t looked back.  She is a 5th grader and has the popularity and everything else to go with it.  In her words – “Mommy don’t worry about Kalia, I had to go through that and look at me now”…???  Just joking – I have to admit, Kiara is very smart, mature, responsible and independent.  She has had her share of teachers that pushed her because they knew she had more to offer and it has definitely been beneficial.  The other side of 5th grade is Kiara is asking about makeup, nail painting etc.  She has always been a girlie girl, but now that she is getting older and developing, it’s not so much fun for me anymore. *wink*

I have successfully gotten them back on schedule at home, extracurricular activities on the calendar, tutoring/studying nailed down and it’s almost like they never left.  We hung out all day Saturday this weekend and no matter how much we ate, shopped etc., they never get enough.  :)

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