Gracie’s first flight

Gracie started walking forty-two days ago and has wanted to be on the ground and on-the-go ever since.

Gracie started shrieking for fun five days ago and I’ve not yet found an effective way to curb this behavior.

Gracie will go on her first flight in exactly one day and I am terrified.  This is a recipe for disaster!!

I’ve been searching for tips about how to successfully fly with babies and it seems all I’ve been able to find are opinion pieces about the necessity of a kids-only section of airplanes,  news of children banned from first class,  or surveys asking if passengers would pay to avoid being seated near babies.


Thankfully, Gracie’s Nannie (who, God love her, will also be flying with us) found a few more helpful sites:  The Points Guy’s blog, travel tips from the TSA, Babble, and Flying with Kids.

I’ve got to be honest that my favorite piece of advice was from Flying with Kids and was as follows: “Take lipstick and a small mirror in your (carry-on).  If you’re having a bad time, take two minutes to put on some lipstick and give yourself a pep talk in the mirror!”  Change the two minutes to five seconds and I think they may have something.

But seriously; I’m quite anxious about making this first big trip with Gracie.  How have you fared when traveling with your little ones?  Would you ((please!)) offer me any more practical advice for surviving?


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7 Responses to “Gracie’s first flight”

  1. Jennifer @Mami2Mommy August 31, 2011 at 2:30 pm #

    Obviously bring favorite, special, new toys for the trip AND snacks. But most importantly bring some extra snacks, cookies, cupcakes (homemade even better) for the other passengers who will NOT be rude to the lady with the crying baby who just gave them yummy treats! ;) Trust me, bribery all around works wonders!

    Good luck and enjoy your trip!

  2. Stefanie August 31, 2011 at 2:41 pm #

    Always buy the baby their own seat on the plane and bring their carseat on the plane. With great things like the traveling toddler or a luggage cart you can easily get baby and carseat to the gate. It will be more like a car ride where see knows she has to be buckled up. Babies/kids are also much safer in their own seats during turbulance, take off and landing.

  3. Kat August 31, 2011 at 2:53 pm #

    Bring familiar things on the plane, like favorite blanket, pacifers. Feed the baby before they get on plane, but give drinks during take off and landing. Let her walk around the airport till its time to board. I was very nervous for our first plane right just a couple of weeks ago, and I worried for nothing. My 16 month old slept for the first two hours of a three hour plane ride, and then he ate, and we played. Bring your own car seat helps too, cause the baby is used to being in the car seat.

  4. Stacey August 31, 2011 at 2:59 pm #

    I agree with Stefanie..get her a seat! It’s easier to keep them entertained and grab stuff when the kid isn’t on your lap. More importantly, I can’t have my wallet or cell phone on my lap because it’s a projectile but I can hold a LIVE HUMAN BEING?!?!? So stupid. It’s worth the expense. I’ve traveled with my babies and you should have the following (imo): diapers & wipes & plastic bag(if not potty trained), snacks, drink, fave toy & new toy, tylenol/advil (one place you don’t want to be stuck w/o it), kid-sized headphones, a diaper bag that will hold everything (loooove my Oioi), car seat (for the airplane ride), 1 set of clothes (barf/spills always happen when you don’t have extra), dress your kid in layers but nothing bulky so that it can’t fit in your over-loaded bag, and a snack & headache meds for you. I’ve stepped it up a bit while traveling because my kids requires a lot of medical supplies to boot so I bought a metal suitcase wheeled thingie, strapped the car seat to it, put stroller clips on the handle bar & hung my bag on that and then strapped her in and pulled her through the airport. It works pretty slick. Also, if you buy her her own seat you are allowed more carry-ons but make sure you can carry it all on lol.

  5. Hillary August 31, 2011 at 9:32 pm #

    I shared your terror prior to taking Tatum on her first flight — the thought of keeping her occupied and quite for five hours (nothing like a short trip to test the waters!) was daunting. Six flights later, I am still a little tense preflight but have come to the realization that our little girls’ saving grace is their sweet smiles…they can melt the passengers hearts. I tried to keep Tatum on her schedule as much as possible, feeding her and keeping her naps at her normal time seemed to help her. I agree with all of the above advice and in addition can add that you can bring liquid for Gracie in her bottles/cups through security which was a welcome suprise to me because it’s impossible to find organic whole milk in airports. You’ll need to put them through the scanner and give a heads up to the security so they can do any necessary testing. Have a great trip!


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