Friendly Skies

Last week I posted a plea for advice on how to survive Gracie’s first flight. So many of you responded here and on facebook with truly terrific tips that raised my spirits and gave me encouragement that we would be able to handle the trip. (Thank you!)

I am so pleased to be able to report in today and let you know we did survive! Gracie seemed quite excited for the new experience and did so well on both legs of the trip. After making fast friends with our seat companions, believe it or not, my little miss even took a short nap on each flight! (Very unusual for Gracie to fall asleep when she’s not in a dark room with her sound machine running.)

As with most topics in parenting, I think the trick is to find what methods work for you. So – here are the tips that seemed to be keys to our flying success:

  • You’re allowed to bring baby’s drinks with you through security. Don’t forget to pack nursery water, formula, breast milk or even regular milk if your baby has graduated to that. I had to pull it out for inspection in security, but was easily allowed passage.
  • Sit as far back in the plane as possible. Why? You’re near the engines so the noise can help lull your baby to sleep – or mask crying if she’s upset. Also, you’re near the flight attendants and I found all of them to be kind, friendly and helpful with Gracie. Finally, if your little one does get upset, sitting in the back means you don’t have the pressure of everyone behind you shooting daggers at the back of your head!
  • Bring something for baby to suck on – but don’t give it to them too early. I was so anxious that I gave Gracie her bottle as soon as we left the gate and then I had to worry that she would finish it before we even took off. Luckily, the bottle lasted and the sucking helped protect Gracie’s ears from the change in air pressure.
  • iPad. I understand that “screen time” for tykes this young is controversial, but it did wonders for us. Did you know there are apps (really good ones!!) for babies? Thank goodness for the iPad Gracie’s Nannie brought along – it kept my baby occupied (and quiet) for a decent stretch of time

Do you have any memorable stories from traveling with your baby? Gracie & I wish you luck on your future flying adventures.


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One Response to “Friendly Skies”

  1. Hillary September 9, 2011 at 2:50 am #

    So pleased to hear that your travel was successful! Great tip about sitting toward the back of the plane. I have my first solo flight with Tatum in October and am going to move our seats back now!