Spontaneity and A Baby

Andrew and I have always loved to travel. Our adventures, big and small, have provided lasting memories and a wonderful collection of photographs, without which we might not remember ALL the memories :) While I was pregnant with Xman, he went on 14 plane rides – including a 16 hour jaunt to Australia! – in addition to countless road trips to visit family, friends and see the country. So it was only natural that when Xman was born, he was along for the ride. Now at 5 months old he has already been to 4 weddings in 3 different states, on 2 plane rides, and 4 long road trips that have together taken him to 9 total states.

But traveling is MUCH different now that Xman is in our lives. First of all there is SO much more STUFF! Andrew and I had our packing down to a science pre-baby. Now…well let’s just say Xman has the biggest suitcase…or 2 or 3. While in the past it was easy to just pick up and go at a moment’s notice, now we have to think about feeding and sleeping schedules to figure out the best time to leave, how long it might take to get there, and how many stops we will have to make a long the way. However we want to be able to share our love of traveling and new adventures with Xman and feel it is worth the effort. So when Andrew’s family decided to have a family reunion over Labor Day weekend in Ohio, we decided that although we might be crazy – it sounded like fun :)

Much like Kate’s trepadations, we wondered if we would need to have activities to keep Xman entertained along the way. Even though we have traveled quite a bit with Xman, we know that the older he gets the more aware of his surroundings he is and we weren’t quite sure how he would take a 9 hour road trip now. We decided to travel in the late afternoon and evening so the majority of the time he would be sleeping. We figured if he got bored, one of us could ride in the back seat to keep him from getting too fussy. And we prepared ourselves for the occasion that if it just got to be too much, we could stop at a hotel for the night to break up the trip. So we set off on our 9 hour road trip and hoped for the best.

Truth is – Xman did GREAT. He slept like we thought he would, enjoyed staring out the windows and watching the world go by while he was awake, and on the occasion that he got a little fussy, was kept entertained by a session of peek-a-boo. However, the same could not be said for his mommy and daddy. We will blame it on lack of sleep, but about 5 hours into the trip (both ways!) we got tired and ended up stopping at a hotel for the night. Guess we need to build up our road tripping stamina again :) The trip was a fun success – Xman got to see family, some of which he hadn’t yet met, and many memories were made (and photographed!) And we were happy that we can still be our spontaneous, wanderlust selves and share many new adventures with Xman.

What is the longest road trip you have done with an infant? Do you prefer to fly or drive for long distances? Anyone else love the mini-adventure of a last minute hotel stay?

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