Crafty Kids: Bathtub paint

A few weeks back, I got the chance to spend a whole weekend with one of my nephews.  His mommy and daddy dropped him off for a weekend with Auntie M and Uncle B – it was a blast.  To make simple bathtub paint, I took a muffin tin and filled each cup with a little bit of foaming shaving cream.  I added a couple of drops of food coloring into each cup and mixed with my fingers until the color was fairly even.

I think Mr. R had a blast.  At first the texture kinda threw him off, but eventually both hands were smearing the colors all over the bath walls.  I was cracking-up the whole time watching him discover how the shaving cream felt and worked as paint.  Eventually, all fingers and toes were pruney, the water was a rainbow of different colors, and it was story time.  This was such a simple and fun activity.  The shaving cream didn’t leave any dye behind on my tile or grout, but I would suggest you test it before letting your kids go wild.

Happy Crafting!

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