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Kal 1

Babies, Bundles and Bumps #69: Beautiful Baby Boy

Simply. Precious. This is baby “Kal” – Dan’s beautiful son here at Graco! Such a sweet picture, Dan. Thanks for sharing it with us. Do you have a picture of your precious little one that you’d like featured in our ‘Babies, Bundles, and Bumps’ series? Share it with us at, and you might see [...]

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Lila As Princess

Raising Non-Princesses

I was inspired to write this post after reading a blog post about Disney princesses as role models. I totally love everything Disney & am already planning our trip to Disney in April. At the age of 5.5 years & 2 years old, my daughters really don’t understand what the blog post mentions — that [...]

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When A Surprise Goes Wrong

This mom and dad had the best of intentions to surprise their kids with a trip to Disney World. To cover up the surprise, they told the kids they were going to Chattanooga, TN, and thought they would capture their excitement on camera when they revealed they were really going to Disney World. It didn’t [...]

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Ready for a Ride in Her Graco Infant Car Seat

Babies, Bundles & Bumps #68: Cruisin’

This little one is ready to hit the road! Little Miss “B” is all dolled up for a day out on the town. Can I come too!?! Do you have a picture of your precious little one that you’d like featured in our ‘Babies, Bundles, and Bumps’ series? Share it with us at, and [...]

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Parent to Parent Review – Trekko Stroller

In the past I’ve talked about great places to stroll here and here. Many of the places I’ve been feature the luxury of wide, paved walkways, but let’s face it, not all places we take our children are paved. Enter Graco’s new all-terrain stroller – Trekko! I’ve mentioned before that my husband is now staying [...]

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simple switch highchair

Winner Announcement: Graco SimpleSwitch Highchair!

Over the next three months, we’ll be telling you a little more about our line of highchairs that falls within what we like to call the  “Grow With Me” category – a product that adapts to your child as she grows.  And – here’s the fun part – as we introduce each chair, we will [...]

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Prepping for Preggers: What if…

A lot of hesitation around deciding to have children really does revolve around all of the “what if’s”.  One of the big “what-if’s” that won’t go away is – what if we can’t have kids?  I just recently stumbled across this awesome and personal record of a woman’s struggle with getting pregnant on Joanna Goddard’s [...]

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First Fall Festivities

I love fall.  It is without a doubt my favorite season for so many reasons…most of which involve food or weather.  Pumpkin spice latte, sweet potatoes, hoodies, falling leaves – yes please! So of course I am trying to make sure that Xman loves the season just as much as I do.  This weekend we [...]

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Babies, Bundles & Bumps #67: SweetPeace™ Alert!

Check out the adorable niece of one of our newest team members here at Graco! Sent to us from New York, Angel is enjoying a ride with the patented MomMotion™ that rocks her the way mom naturally would. It is so fun to see products being worked on one cube away from you and then [...]

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a little Friday fun to share with you

Excerpt from a phone call I received today: Kate: Hello? Nannie: Kate, this is your mother.  Kate, how do you spell your daughter’s name? Kate (confused & wondering, “Did I spell Gracie’s name wrong somewhere?  Uh oh…”):  G-R-A-C-I-E Nannie: NO. Let me spell it for you.  T-R-O-U-B-L-E.  And that’s with a CAPITAL T. Kate: Oh [...]

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