First Fall Festivities

I love fall.  It is without a doubt my favorite season for so many reasons…most of which involve food or weather.  Pumpkin spice latte, sweet potatoes, hoodies, falling leaves – yes please!

So of course I am trying to make sure that Xman loves the season just as much as I do.  This weekend we set out to start our fall festivities with a fun family day at his school.  Costumes were encouraged and we happily obliged (who doesn’t like a good excuse to dress your baby in incredibly cute outfits?)  There were pumpkins to pick, cupcakes to win and cotton candy to partake in.  It was a fun way to enjoy the beautiful weather and get to know other families at his school. 

We had a fun day out and then headed home to enjoy another new experience – solid foods.  Well, I should say mushy and pureed foods.  Since we were in a particularly festive mood, we thought it would be appropriate for Xman to start off with sweet potatoes!  And he so enjoyed them.

What a fun experience to watch him try his first few tastes and the looks on his face were priceless.  After a few bites he was quite into it and even grabbing for more!  He got good and messy, which we counted as a success.  We could tell that he enjoyed his first tastes of fall because by the time it was over and he was all cleaned up from his bath, he was ready for bed!

How are you enjoying this fall season?  What adorable costumes are your little ones dressing in this year?  Who else could go for a pumpkin spice latte now?

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