Prepping for Preggers: What if…

A lot of hesitation around deciding to have children really does revolve around all of the “what if’s”.  One of the big “what-if’s” that won’t go away is – what if we can’t have kids?  I just recently stumbled across this awesome and personal record of a woman’s struggle with getting pregnant on Joanna Goddard’s Motherhood Mondays post on her blog, Cup of Joe.

It mostly focuses on the issue of infertility and how she and her husband lived through it – eventually to have a beautiful little girl.  Some of my nearest and dearest friends have struggled with pregnancy and it seems so lonely and heartbreaking.  I can’t even imagine the frustration and disappointment that these families endure.  The fear of not being able to conceive doesn’t scare me away from starting a family, but seeing others around me struggle reminds me how much of a blessing a healthy pregnancy can be.

Is this something that all pre-pregnancy people worry about?  I would love to know your thoughts…

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One Response to “Prepping for Preggers: What if…”

  1. Lindsay October 17, 2011 at 2:26 pm #

    It is a blessing. I have a son, and I STILL worry that I won’t be able to conceive again. (And when I recognize the signs of a problem, no doctor will listen to someone who has a healthy child at home.)

    Anyone who has ever wondered or worried is very used to hearing the words “just be patient.”