Halloween, Graco-style!

You might have heard that Halloween is a big deal here at Graco. (See here, here, or here.) What could be more fun than dressing up in silly costumes, showing off our creative side with elaborate decorations and welcoming our families to the office for tricks and treats?

The spirit of the day was catching, so I asked a few of my coworkers to share their favorite part of the day with you:

“I think the coolest part about our celebration is that the organization is so welcoming for spouses and children to come trick-or-treat throughout the building. It seems like a fun way for kids to be able to come see where their parents work and who they work with. Wish I had gotten to do that when I was a kid!

Plus I get to peer into co-worker’s psyche…noting who dressed up, who didn’t, how elaborate the costume was, and whether they got up to dance on stage. I now officially know who the cool people are. :)
-Molly Braeunig, Brand Manager for Swings & Bouncers

“I will say that seeing Halloween come to life at Graco just brightened my day. There is nothing like walking into the office with just about 100% of folks dressed up and happiness in the air, it helps to remind me what a great community of people I work with. Plus Gracie looked ADORABLE in her shark outfit! ”
-Nicolette Binder, Senior Channel Manager

“I loved that groups (like our sister companies Calphalon, Dymo and Goody) had activites for the kids like balloon animals, face painting, decorating cookies. I enjoyed lunch with my family in the cafeteria andappreciated the PB&J boxed lunches this year. So smart! I love we have such a family friendly office atmospere. ”
-Karen Hartzell, Senior Demand Planner

“Priceless: My 3yo, “LoveBug”, attending her first corporate meeting… and “LoveBug” insisting on dancing by herself on the auditorium stage before the awards ceremony and being put on the video screen! I loved hearing shouts of ‘Encore!’ as we were going back to our seats after the flash mob. (Editor’s note: I love that we DID a flash mob!) It is great that, in our company, it is understood to move all non-critical meetings from the day of the Halloween competition. It’s been so much fun planning and enjoying Halloween with like-minded people! But, I will not forget: LOSING THE SPIRIT STICK! Graco will get it back next year.”
-Cheryl Waugh, Project Manager – Americas

“My favorite part of the day was when I WASN’T using my Mad Hatter face to scare children (not on purpose) and getting into the elevator, and NO MATTER how CORPORATE you are……………….my costume made people smile…………………………. on several occasions I might add!!!!!!!

That is what I love about Halloween………the most serious people grin………and smile and I am sure they think other things…………like how they “would never” wear that, but that is why Halloween in a Corporate place ROCKS………..

Until next year.”
-Desiree Wright, Fashion Designer

Pretty terrific place to work, right?? To say I feel fortunate is an understatement. Be sure to visit us on Facebook and share your Halloween photos. I’ll leave you with a few more of my favorites. Happy Halloween!

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One Response to “Halloween, Graco-style!”

  1. Jennifer @Mami2Mommy November 2, 2011 at 1:23 pm #

    Wow, looks like you all had tons of fun! What a creative group. Here’s hoping you all had a Happy Halloween and thanks for sharing your pics!