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Working for a baby gear company definitely has its advantages. I sometimes get to review awesome new products like the Signature Series™ Smart Seat™ here and the new Trekko activity stroller here, but to be honest, the real reason I come to work every day with a smile on my face, is because I share a belief in working for a company with purpose. I have a passion for all things baby. If you let me start talking about baby gear, my eyes will just glaze over as I go on and on.

I had my first child before I worked for Graco, and my second after. When I found out I was pregnant with the second, I immediately was excited for all the new gear I wanted to buy. My husband, always the cheapskate realist, questioned needing anything new since all of our gear was a) perfectly fine for the first one and b) still in great condition.

Using my new found knowledge of baby gear, I spouted off numerous facts about updated product features that would make our jobs easier as parents. I won most of the battles with facts, and the ones that I didn’t, well, let’s just say sometimes pregnancy hormone tears are very effective for winning battles too.

Jed is almost three, and our home is less filled with baby gear. I have sadly parted with Jed’s playard, Snugride, and Sweetpeace. When I brought home the Trekko to review, DH quickly suggested we donate our original full size stroller. He said I should choose one, since we did not need two.

I did not like this at all. The two strollers featured completely different features. Why didn’t he recognize this? It was completely obvious.

Or was it?

My passion, as well as the way we both use the stroller makes me view things differently. DH leisurely strolls at the park or on walking trails with Jed during the day. I maneuver crowded malls on weekends, almost always, with my daughter in tow. Discussing the differences in use, allowed my husband to see the other side, and to understand what features make things easier for me as a parent.

That’s what baby gear is all about for me, giving products features to allow users to care for children with ease and enjoy the everyday moments.

What’s your favorite Graco gear item that helps you parent a little easier?

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One Response to “Parenting Made Easier”

  1. Kristen November 8, 2011 at 6:51 pm #

    Oh Karen, you speak my language. I, too, get the glossy eyed look when I see, talk or use all things baby gear. With my tykes outgrowing many products I live vicariously through the Graco blog and all the new things that arrive all the time! And how many times have you said… “now why didn’t I think of that” when you see something you just HAVE TO HAVE!! haha.

    Alas, when I was pregnant with our baby boy #1, Colberoo, my husband and I went off to Babies R Us to take on the registry gun! As we walked up and down the aisles zapping here and there, he kept asking me… now why do we need that again because it’s basically the same as the other thing? and… Why in the world do we need 1 from every aisle? I did my best to explain, reminded him that anything we got off our registry we wouldn’t be paying for and just keep zapping away!

    Well, wouldn’t ya know about 8 months into parenting, he finally came out and admitted that I was right. I think the comment was something like, OK, well maybe we did need something from every aisle. It’s all so different, it’s all so purposefully made that yes we did need a saucer as well as a jumperoo… OK, and a doorway jumper too! Why? Because I’m not sure about you but I’m not schlepping the jumperoo up to the 2nd floor of our house just because I want to take a shower and baby is ready to have fun. So with less space needed, doorway jumper hung in the bathroom = happy baby and clean mommy!

    So yes, you are not the only one out there that could live amongst baby gear and be content knowing that you’ve ALWAYS got your basis covered! :)