My TO DO List for the Thanksgiving Holiday

Holidays are meant for spending time with loved ones. My family has traveled down to Florida for the past two years to spend Thanksgiving with my parents and siblings. This year we decided not to make the trip, and with turkey day fast approaching, I felt myself feeling a little down. Being 800+ miles away from family is hard around the holidays, but with a little reframing of the situation, I knew I could still make it great.

I decided to make a TO DO list to make sure our long weekend is full of joy. You may think a TO DO list wouldn’t typically be any fun, but I guarantee this one will be.

1. Make Thanksgiving dinner – using family recipes that will not only fill our tummies, but warm our hearts with the memories of the individuals that inspire them.

2. Watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving – a classic from my own childhood that my kids already love.

Photo by FragmentaryBlue

3. Go shopping on Black Friday – I’m usually so wrapped up in spending time with family there is no time. This year I am celebrating with a little me time. I may even follow up with a second outing with Baby to start our own tradition of Mommy/Daughter time.

4. Bake cookies with the kids – I need to try out some new ideas for the office cookie exchange, so what better way to experiment than with my two favorite mini chefs/taste testers by my side.

5. Clean out closets – this may sound like work to some, but I feel so refreshed after uncluttering. An organized closet is pure happiness to me and who doesn’t need more tax deductions in this economy.

6. Picnic in the park – we’ll have plenty of leftovers from our turkey day dinner, so I’ll pack up some of the leftovers and head to the playground.

Will all of the items on my TO DO list get done? I sure hope so, but if I don’t get to the closets, there is always Christmas.

How are you spending this holiday weekend?

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