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Know Before You Register: Two Playard Facts

As the brand manager on playards, I get to listen to a lot of moms shop for their ideal playard and there are a few questions and misconceptions that seemingly always come up. Here are a few tidbits about playards so that you are armed with the facts before registering. #1 Does the upper level (aka the [...]

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Introducing the New Graco Ready2Grow Stand and Ride Stroller!

Graco is excited to announce our newest double stroller, the Ready2Grow stand and ride stroller. Most people are probably more familiar with Graco’s tandem double strollers (DuoGlider, Quattro Tour Duo), which are the ones that the two kids sit back to back. What is so exciting about this double stroller is that it provides 12 [...]

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Babies, Bundles, and Bumps #74-”May the Force Be With You”

I always forget not only how much energy little boys have, but how early the energy starts to exude itself.  In a recent trip to New York to visit my half-brothers, I found myself awake at 5:30am being dragged out of bed to play Star Wars. I pushed the sleep from my eyes, downed a [...]

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Prepping for Preggers: Work + Life

Being a working, married woman, it’s sometimes hard to avoid questions about whether or not we are planning to have kids – and if so, will I continue to work?  You would be surprised (or maybe you wouldn’t!) at how many people feel comfortable asking you that question.  And, honestly, it’s a hard one to answer.  [...]

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Let Him Cry

*Thanks to Dan, a new dad here at Graco, for contributing this post!* Let him cry and the tears will run down both of your faces. Getting baby to sleep through the night is no easy task. You should know that our baby is pretty close to being perfect in the sense that he is [...]

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FAQ: Graco Smart Seat™ All-in-One Car Seat

*This post was originally created when Smart Seat first launched in 2011, but it’s so popular we thought we’d post it again!* We’ve seen a lot of excitement around Graco’s Smart Seat™ All-in-One Car Seat. We’ve also seen a lot of questions! Here are some of the questions we’ve heard most frequently so far and [...]

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What’s the Tooth Fairy’s Name?

Baby lost another tooth. This is still a pretty new event in our house, so Baby dancing around singing about her tooth can be considered pretty normal. She sings and dances about most things these days. But what came next, I wasn’t expecting. Baby: “What’s the Tooth Fairy’s name?” Me: “Ummmm…yeah…I’m not really sure. Why [...]

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Babies, Bundles & Bumps #73: Playdate in the Park

Recognize these two cuties? It’s Gracie and X-Man and you’ve been seeing them since they were first home from the hospital – can you believe how much they’ve grown? Gracie’s mom, Kate, and x-man’s mom, Deanna, love getting these two tykes together for playdates at their favorite park. Do you have a picture of your [...]

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January’s Bump of the Month!

This month’s Bump of the Month is Graco’s very own Erin Varano, senior brand manager on Graco’s car seat team. After years of developing the Graco products so many of you love, Erin and her husband will be welcoming their very first little one in just a few weeks! We don’t know if it’s a [...]

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Lucy Does the Two-Step

Thanks to William Conway, a car seat engineer at Graco, for this adorable video of his daughter! “My family was been a Graco family long before I joined the Graco family.  Case in point – when my daughter was little her favorite activity was jumping in her Graco Jump ‘n Jive.  It provided all of [...]

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