Potty Training..the Second Time Around

About 3 years ago, I potty trained my first daughter, PP. She was three months shy of turning 3, so I felt she was definitely ready to conquer the throne (even though she really wasn’t too excited about it). Fast forward 3 years, and it’s Pinkie Pie’s turn. She just turned  two and a half years old and expressed interest in it about a month ago. Her school has been doing a great job of placing her on the potty every 30 minutes and seeing her mentor, PP, using the potty also helped speed up her interest in potty training. I thought Baby #2 would be easier (and earlier) to train.

Now I have to admit that my memory got a little foggy on how PP was to potty train (thankfully I had the post that I wrote on the Graco blog to remind me). I knew I had my hurdles with her, too. I don’t mean to sound gross but Pinkie Pie had a hard time mastering #2 but she figured out #1 pretty quickly. This time around, we had the same approach as when we trained PP, minus the fancy reward chart (I think I got lazy on baby #2). But, Pinkie Pie still got stickers & gifts (Strawberry Shortcake figurines served as the “big” rewards). We also decided to potty train when my parents were visiting from out of town so that they could share in Pinkie Pie’s glory as she became a “big girl.” Other than going to school, we have limited Pinkie Pie’s extracurricular activities on the weekends while she is still “in training.” The other weekend, we did venture out to Olive Garden & Target (two very exciting places in my book). Pinkie Pie went about 3 times during lunch, then twice at Target (my favorite is when we get all the way in the back at Target, and I have a full cart of stuff, then she decides to say “mommy, I have to go potty”). Then, my mad dash to the front of the store begins.

Pinkie Pie is still working on getting out of training diapers during nap time and night time. I think she has a couple more weeks to go before we totally get rid of training diapers, but she is on to a strong start. Yeah, Pinkie Pie!

I would love to hear your potty training tales, so please share!


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