How Babies Change Your Social Life (as a non-parent)

My husband and I haven’t made the leap yet into parenthood for so many reasons (some of which Megan quite perfectly captured in her post Prepping for Preggers: How do you know when you’re ready?). Yet, we are finding that more and more of our free time is spent with our friends who now have kids.

It was actually a little ironic that the same day that I was asked to write a blog post on this topic, I received two very lovely invitations in the mail. One was for a baby shower on March 24th at 2pm and the other was for a 1st birthday party on March 24th at 2pm. I think this is a perfect example of how babies have changed my life as a non-parent… while I’m still juggling hanging out with other non-parent friends at hot spots on Friday nights, and trying to fit in the oh-so-fun bachelorette/bridal shower/engagement parties, I’m now also double booked on Saturday afternoons where the highlight of the party is cake smashing and diaper cakes. And it’s great! I get to experience totally new things and learn what is working for my friends. (Secretly, I am mainly watching out who for who has the most laid-back kid, and I intend to fully emulate what those parents do.) So I have to be honest and share that although I haven’t gone down this path yet, it is **amazing** to be part of my friends’ journeys into parenthood – it has been downright inspiring to see how much they love their baby(s) from the first pregnancy test.

One thing has happened that I did not predict when many of our close friends starting having children. I assumed that we would just be hanging out with the kids all the time, which is true to an extent, but many of our friends still want adult nights out. So depending on whether or not they can lock down the elusive neighborhood babysitter, we get to see our friends and go do those things, like Anne mentioned, that are better suited for a group sans kids.

I feel that not being a parent in the midst of babies and baby bumps allows me to get all the benefits of playing with cute babies and buying tiny adorable onesies, while still being able to sleep through the night. And this is something I hear does not happen very often after becoming a parent. :)

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