Happy Mother’s Day!

Here at Graco, moms inspire us to create, design and deliver the best in safety, comfort and convenience in all of our products. As this Mother’s Day approaches, we wanted to take time out to thank our own mother’s for all that they do and did, by noting our favorite childhood memories with our moms. Please enjoy, and Happy Mother’s Day!


One of my favorite childhood memories with my mom: Debra, is our “Sunday Baking Days.” It was back in the 80s—way before there was the huge “foodie” culture that there is now—and every Sunday, starting when I was about 4 years old, my mom would let me pick out any recipe I wanted for us to make together. I would spend time pouring through Southern Living, The Joy of Baking and other cookbooks and pick something (usually sweet!). We’d go to the grocery store and then come home to make something delicious. It was a perfect, dedicated time for us to spend time together, it taught me all kinds of things like math, measuring and reading, and really instilled in me a love of the kitchen and making things from scratch. To this day, I treasure the time that I get to spend with my mom in the kitchen!  -Jennifer Franklin


I have two very special, inspiring women in my life so I want to include them both…

My favorite childhood memory with my mom: We had a basketball goal in our driveway growing up and although I never really learned how to play or had any interest in joining the basketball team at school, I always loved playing 1 on 1 with my mom. We would play HORSE or Around the World and just spend time together. After a while, she would always challenge me to a game and try to teach me how to dribble and shoot the right way. No matter what (I won’t admit that I never won a game J), we always had fun and it was so cool to see her in her element. It makes me smile just thinking about  this and all the other amazing things she taught me.


My favorite childhood memory with my stepmom: It’s hard to pinpoint just one moment, instead I would say that my favorite memory is really a combination of all the moments we had together throughout the years where we could just talk about life and anything happening in the world. I think of Frappuccino’s on the sidewalk, watching sunsets in CA, looking up at the stars on the Colorado river, or sitting on the beach all afternoon… I felt so close and connected with her and loved how easy it was for us to hang out. I also have to give her a quick shout out for her brownie making skills – she always required at least two taste tests of the batter before baking. -Lauren Westin

One of my favorite silly memories of my mom: when I was growing up is when she would surprise us with breakfast for dinner.  She was always so good about feeding us balanced meals – but there were those couple of days a year where she would round the corner into the family room and give us that sneaky look and ask “How about waffles for dinner?”  - like we might protest.  Looking back, I’m sure she enjoyed the freedom of mixing things up just as much as we did.  And I still enjoy breakfast for dinner – fairly regularly.  -Megan Roe


One of my favorite memories of my mom: is how she celebrated our birthdays & holidays. My mom would always plan a big birthday party with family & friends and would leave gifts in our room so we could wake up with a present on our birthday (and other holidays). She passed on the joy of celebrating birthdays & holidays—I love a good party & PP is already showing that she has a love of party planning too! Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! –Melissa Parlaman


One of my favorites is baking Christmas cookies with my mom, because it was (and sometimes still is) just me & her. It was a good time to relax and hang out during the crazy holiday season. And decorate together, talk about holiday plans & presents, and of course get scolded for sneaking extra cookie dough. I’m so thankful to my mom for providing us with great memories and traditions I’ll always cherish! –Michelle Krilov


What’s your favorite childhood memory of your mother?

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    Happy mothers day to the all moms out there!