Excitement of a First Pregnancy

Today we’re excited to share an interview with soon-to-be mommy and friend of Graco, Jessica. You can definitely feel the genuine excitement in all of her answers, though I might be hard-pressed to find a new mom that wasn’t thrilled. Here is Jessica’s story:

Jessica at 26 and 30 Weeks

How far along are you and what are you having?
In my 28th week and having a baby boy!

What is the most exciting part about being pregnant?

Did you take a babymoon? If so, was it all that you expected?
We were lucky enough to extend a work trip to Hawaii and stay in Maui for a few nights as our babymoon.  It was AMAZING and everything we wanted it to be and more!  We concentrated on relaxing and enjoying the time together.

What is the most surprising thing about being pregnant?
The effect of the baby weight on my everyday activities.  I knew things would change, but I legitimately feel like I’m carrying around a few dumbells every day. I know its only going to get heavier and I’ll probably be more exhausted at the end of each day :)

How is your husband handling the pregnancy?
Wonderfully!  He has been amazing through the whole thing and very supportive.  I tend to stress out about everything – so he is focusing on keeping me calm and taking care of as much as he can for me.

What is the craziest advice you’ve received so far?
I was pretty sick for the first 20 weeks and heard all kinds of advice around what to eat to make me feel better…everything from crackers to raw ginger!

Has anyone approached you and touched your belly that you don’t know?
Nope, not yet!

Other than you and your husband, who is most exciting about the arrival of your little one?
Our parents are ecstatic!  This is my parents first grandchild, so they are over the moon and keep calling him “our baby”…as in the whole family’s expecting!

Thanks Jess for sharing your story!

Now it’s your turn. What was the most surprising part of your pregnancy?

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