Favorite Summer Memories

It’s hard to believe, Labor Day coming up reminds us that this super-hot summer is winding to a close. Summer is always a fun season for kids and families, since it often means road trips trips, a visit to extended family, fun activities, play dates and sweet, icy treats. We asked some of our Graco staffers to share a special summer memory with their kids. Here are some of their favorites:

Lennox exploring in Iowa.

Road Trip

One of my favorite things about the summer is the amount of trips my family is able to go on.  Our favorite way to travel is by car – we are road trip warriors!  So far we have been to New York (by plane), Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Washington DC, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota and Ohio with lots of pass through states on the way.   Our little Lennox is 17 months old now and does remarkably well in the car, probably because our life has included so many of these fun journeys to visit family & friends.  While all our travels have been fun and memorable, I loved the opportunity for Lennox to explore all of lush green grass and trees at my parent’s home in Iowa.  After all that time in the car, the chance to discover and experience nature in such a beautiful surrounding created a lot of beautiful memories – and pictures!  ~ Deanna Conkling


Deep Freeze

Georgia summers are HOT! Growing up my favorite summer memory is hearing the ice cream truck’s tinkling melody throughout the neighborhood. It was inevitable that you heard that music blocks away! We waited as patiently as we could for the truck to finally make it to our street. Bomb pops, Nutty Buddies, and vanilla twin pops were the favorites in our house. Sadly my current neighborhood doesn’t have an ice cream truck, but summer is made for frozen treats. I make sure to stock a variety of frozen novelties in our deep freezer all summer long. There is nothing like injecting a shot of frozen fun while taking a break from playing outside in the summer heat. Now, if I could only find vanilla twin pops again.  ~ Karen Hartzell



Evyn feeding the fish in Hawaii.

This is a picture of one of my favorite summer memories. Here is my 2yr. old daughter in Hawaii.  We were in a protected cove in Honolulu and a Hawaiian man gave us a full loaf of bread to feed the little fish that you see around Evyn’s feet. She was completely fearless and she talked about it for two days.  ~Anne Wallace

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