“Gearing” Up for Back to School

Summer’s not quite over, but many kiddos have already gone back to school. So, we’re thinking about gear that makes school activities—like carpooling—so much easier on moms and dads. Of course, the number one priority for Graco (and any parent driving children around) is safety, and a big part of keeping kids safe is using the appropriate car seat.

Here are some of our picks to help keep all the children riding with you safe:

Smart Seat

Perfect for both Little Kids AND Big Kids
Smart Seat™ All-in-One Car Seat
: If you’re driving both younger and older children, this seat makes transitioning from little ones to bigger kids SO easy. You’ll just install the stay-in car base one time, and then the car seat can be easily switched from rear-facing for little kids (starting at just 5 lbs.) to forward-facing for older ones (up to 65 lbs. in the harness and up to 100 lbs. as a belt-positioning booster-just remember not to use the base anymore once your child has graduated into the belt-positioning booster).  This seat also features a one-hand height adjustable headrest with no-rethread harness, which makes proper fit to your carpooling child quick and easy. If you’re sharing carpool duties with another parent, consider purchasing an extra stay-in-car base for even more convenience.


Harness Up—with Ease
Argos™ 70 Car Seat
We know that sometimes carpool can be a whirlwind—filled with pickups, drop-offs and hectic mornings. So, the forward-facing only Argos—which is weight-rated for children from 20 – 70 lbs. in a harness, 30 – 100 lbs. as a best-positioning booster and from 40-120 lbs. as a backless belt-positioning booster—is a seat that will fit a lot of different sized children, making carpool a bit less chaotic. One of the best features on the Argos is the no re-thread harness (dubbed the Simply Safe Adjust™ Harness System). It’s a huge asset, because it means that when you need to adjust the fit, you don’t have to pull the harness out and re thread it from the back.

Always Keep a Spare: 2-in-1 Value
Big kids may want to “graduate” out of a booster seat, but it’s important that they remain in a car seat or booster seat until they’re able to fit your vehicle’s seat belt properly (see if your child passes the Seat Belt Test: http://www.safekids.org/safety-basics/safety-resources-by-risk-area/car-seats-boosters-seat-belts-/booster-seats-and-seat-belt-safety-tips.html). The very cool (seriously – kids love this seat and features like hideaway cup holders!) TurboBooster® with Safety Surround ™ offers the best head and body protection at each stage. This booster seat converts from a high back booster (30-100 lbs.) to a backless booster (40-100 lbs.), and both modes help position your vehicle’s seat belt for a proper fit. The backless mode of the booster is so compact; you can keep extras as a spare in your trunk for last-minute passengers.

Here’s to riding safely—and getting to school on time!

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One Response to ““Gearing” Up for Back to School”

  1. Rachel September 12, 2012 at 9:54 pm #

    Hey Graco! I love all of your seats and have loved your recent changes to help kids stay harnessed and rear-facing longer. My biggest issue is that in your articles and on your site (as well as often in ads and on the product boxes) you place so much emphasis on weight when the bigger issues are HEIGHT and AGE! Most 30lb kiddos are far too short and often only 2 or 3 years old (therefore no where near ready for the booster!) It would be so simple to adjust your articles/products to make sure it states that kids should be harnessed as long as possible and that your seats have height minimums as well as weight!