Easy-To-Clean Gear for Your Little Cookie Monster!

Who doesn’t love a really good cookie? From melty chocolate chip to salty / sweet oatmeal raisin to decadent butterscotch chip, cookies hit the spot—no matter if you’re eleven months old or 70 years (young). Of course, the telltale trail of crumbs can be a little bit of a bummer, especially if they’ve found their way into your child’s car seat or the creases of a highchair. So, in honor of National Cookie Day today, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite easy-to-clean pieces of Graco® baby gear… perfect for your little cookie monsters!

My Ride™ 70: This new product is terrific, of course, because of the robust safety features, but we’ve chosen to include it here because of an innovative new feature our thoughtful engineers added—removable, dishwasher safe cup holders! That way, when your child is enjoying a snack in the car, crumbs will be no match for the easy-to-clean cup inserts. Just pop them right out of the car seat and into the dishwasher. In addition, the seat pad is machine washable (as it is on all of our Graco toddler car seats). You’ll feel great that your child is riding safe and clean in this seat. It really is the little conveniences that make all the difference, isn’t it?

DuoDiner™ High Chair: Introducing your little one to solid foods can be a messy proposition. To make it easier, the DuoDiner from Graco has lots of easy cleaning features built in. Moms love the wipe-clean fabrics on the seat pad (it’s also machine washable for even tougher spills) and the legs and arms come clean with just a swipe of a damp cloth or paper towel. One of the favorite “easy clean” features on this seat is the pull-out tray insert. After mealtimes, just pop it right off of the chair and into your dishwasher. Being dishwasher safe makes everything easier, right? Milk spills, smashed grapes, PB&J, and of course, cookies are super-easy to clean up.

Stylus™ Travel System: This is a great travel system (a SnugRide® Infant Car Seat + Stroller), and it comes with a great feature for hungry little ones on the go—a snack tray / cup holder! This snack tray is perfect for enjoying a bite while strolling (In the park? Around the mall? A snack always makes a trip better!), and it easily flips out of the way, to make it simple to get your hungry toddler in and out of the stroller. It’s a hard surface, so no matter what crumbs or spills come its way, it’s a snap to wipe clean.

No matter where you are, we wish you a sweet day—and hopefully one that includes a tasty cookie as a treat!

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