Kate Sundy-Hong

Name: Kate Sundy-Hong

Position and time at Graco: Marketing Manager, just under 3 years

Growing up, I always dreamed of being:a Bookstore owner

If I starred on “America’s Got Talent,” my act would be: making my daughter giggle. Truly, it’s a special skill! Gracie is often quite serious and so her giggles are as rare – and as special – as gold.

The most adventurous thing I’ve ever done: worn white after labor day?

My ideal vacation would be: Pre-Gracie: a trip to somewhere new & fabulous (like Ireland, perhaps) where I’d spend days exploring historic sites and nights exploring local pubs. Post-Gracie: a couple days of total, uninterrupted SLEEP!

Favorite childhood memory: I have snippets of many lovely things stored in my memory: waking up one Valentine’s Day to hearts hung from my ceiling, splashing in a bubble bath with my cousins Suzy & Hillary, playing kick the can on long summer nights, and playing the piano every Christmas while my relatives cheered.

Dish of choice when dining out: while I’m not at all a picky eater, I do tend to find one perfect dish that I simply crave at each of my favorite restaurants… so each time I visit one, I always know exactly what I will get – never anything else. The very best? Perhaps a delicious gazpacho at a local Mexican restaurant.

Favorite product and why: My favorite Graco® product changes each time Gracie enters a new stage. It began as the Pack ‘n Play®, then was the Snugride ™r, became the Blossom ™ seating system and is now back to the Pack ‘n Play®. Basically, it’s whatever makes our lives easier at the time!!!

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