Amy Trice

Position at Graco: Consumer Service Supervisor

How long at Graco: 2 years

My favorite kid: My handsome, charming and clever son “Slick”

Latest “wondrous” moment: My most wondrous moments are actually “why didn’t I see that coming” moments. I’ve had many. The list is long. The most recent? We bought a sand table for Slick. He didn’t stand next to the table and play in the sand as shown in the picture on the box. He shoveled it out of the table, onto the ground and re-landscaped the back yard with sand. Why didn’t I see that coming?

My most memorable first: The first time I met Slick after he was born. We spent 9 months wondering what he was going to look like.

You just have to know this about me: I love watching Top Chef. I always wonder how my amateur palate would judge those dishes.

My favorite thing about being a parent is: Being able to do fun stuff and not look too dorky. Marching around the yard or waddling like a penguin looks completely normal when there’s a toddler with you doing the same thing.

If someone dumped out my purse they would find: Tissues, cell phone & headset, iPod, wallet, Altoids, lip gloss, Graco ID badge and keys to my house. If you saw the size of my purse, you would be amazed I could fit all this stuff in there.

My favorite children’s book is: My favorite book is Slick’s favorite book. It’s called “Towty’s Big Rescue”. It is about the AAA Tow Truck and is the only book Slick will let me read to him from start to finish.

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