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Wondrous Wednesday #61

Say hello to the newest addition to our Graco family…   Melissa Landis welcomed her second lovely little girl on February 17th at 2:11am. She weighed 8 lbs, 9 oz and was 22 inches long. You can mark my word – her real name is BEAUTIFUL, but we’ll have to wait until Mom gets to know her a [...]

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Tips for the Perfect Princess Party

How many of us share the same conversation with our 3 year old daughters, “I want to have a PRINCESS party mommy!” And we ask ourselves “when will the princess phase end?” Well we just hosted Bear’s Third Birthday Party and it was all out PRINCESS. (actually it was Princess & Pirates – so her [...]

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Graco’s on Twitter!

At Graco, we are continually trying to be innovative with the social media tools we use to engage with and provide value to our customers. One of the online tools we’ve been using is called Twitter. It started out as a tool that only true online geeks used but it’s gaining popularity with “regular folk” [...]

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Hand-Me-Downs or “Early Sharing Opportunities?”

As I quickly approach my due date for #2, I find myself agonizing over the fact that I simply haven’t done as much to prepare for this one as I did when Lovey was on the way. Every once in a while, I have to stop from “beating myself up” for not repainting the nursery [...]

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Why I Need to Know the Gender of My Baby

Anyone who knows me knows I am a planner. Last minute things make me anxious. Therefore, I buy birthday presents ahead of time (sometimes 3 months ahead of time), pre-order anything that I can (birthday invitations, birth announcement envelopes, etc.), book my birthday party months ahead of time (yeah, PP’s birthday party has been booked [...]

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Wondrous Wednesday #60

Well this is a very exciting Wondrous Wednesday because 2 weeks ago, our own Heather Ward gave birth to a healthy (9 pounds!) baby boy! “Tyson” was born on February 2nd (a little over a week late) to a tired but incredibly happy mom. Tyson weighed in at 9 lbs. 4 oz. and has beautiful [...]

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Hooray for haircuts!

A while back I mentioned Gus’ aversion to haircuts. I guess it has gotten to the point that he no longer can stand it. Just this morning before school he said “Uh…” (see, every statement in the eighth grade begins with “Uh…” or “Huh?” Articulate bunch) Anyway, he said “Uh…yeah…I think I’m ready for that [...]

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Hi ho, hi ho, It’s back to work I go.

Maternity leave. Short term disability for pregnancy. FMLA. It doesn’t matter what you call it, the time off and away from the office after baby has to come to an end for all of us work-outside- the-home moms at some point. I had such illusions of grandeur of the things I would accomplish while I was [...]

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

We wanted to share the little note we sent out to our Graco Nation Ambassadors with all of you! Please click on the link below to download a “color it yourself” Valentines Day card! Enjoy the holiday with your loved ones! (which, according to our poll results, will be a family affair!)

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Graco Ready for the Road Ahead Sweepstakes Winner!

Last September during Baby Safety Month, Graco  ran a “Ready for the Road Ahead” sweepstakes in support our new website resource,  The sweepstakes took place in-store at Babies ‘R’ Us around the country and we received over 40,000 entries! Well the sweepstakes winner was chosen and just this past week, Katie from San Antonio, [...]

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