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Wondrous Wednesday #59

These are Kim Lefko’s beautiful daughters Bear and Love Bug. Bear was celebrating her 3rd Birthday with a princess themed bash. I think Love Bug is smart for a 6 month old- she’s giving her big sister a birthday kiss, but I think her hidden motive is to get her hands on that beautiful Cinderella [...]

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Favorite [hidden] features of the Graco Sweetpeace

It’s funny that it turns out that a lot of people’s favorite features of the Graco sweetpeace Newborn Soothing Center are the ones they didn’t even realize were there! We thought we’d take a minute to point these favorite [hidden] features out to you: 1. The MP3 player is the one that gets people excited- [...]

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25 Random Things About Parenting

For those of you active on Facebook, you’ve probably seen the “25 Random Things about Me” going around recently. Well I’m a little too lazy to come up with 25 but as it turns out, Jim Deitzel from Rubbermaid (sister company) has a little more time on his hands.   I teased him about that [...]

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It’s GOT to be the Shoes

It started with shoes. Now, I’m just talking about soft-soled crib shoes, but shoes nonetheless. Now, I am not a “girly-girl” but I do love a nice pair of shoes, and was so impressed and excited that little Lovey had a definite opinion about what shoes she wanted to wear. Probably started around 12 months [...]

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Wondrous Wednesay #58

  This is my future little nephew “JJ.” He has become quite a natural at posing for pictures – he really knows how to turn it on for the camera! JJ is going to make a great ring bearer in my wedding this March! Every Wednesday we’ll be sharing a photo showing off a little bit [...]

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Teaching our Children about Winning & Losing

Okay…I’m going to get into a lot of trouble with this post. I grew up as the youngest of four, including two older brothers. Winning & Losing was something we did, DAILY! And the whole idea about “it’s okay to lose” was not common language in our household. Actually it was quite the contrary. Recently, [...]

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Graco’s Monthly Nods – January

We’ve been doing our Monthly Nods for almost a year now but I thought I’d remind everyone (or tell the new folks) what this program is all about… A large part of joining in the conversation in the online parenting community, is reading all of the great conversation that is going on in the blogosphere. [...]

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Conquering the Potty (finally!!)

The statement I heard from a  lot of moms, “one day your child will wake up & decide that she wants to pee on the potty” always made me nervous. Well PP, who will be turning 3 in 3 months, had yet to express any interest in going peepee on the potty. So, I decided [...]

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Wondrous Wednesday #57

It was a snow day here in Exton, PA and while the 2 inches didn’t keep most people out of the office, it did keep kids home from school.  Here’s a picture of Jagger and B enjoying the snow (and enjoying having their dad drag them all over the place!) Even though dad was sweating [...]

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Tracking Your Baby’s First Year – Cutest Baby Calendar Ever!

If it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words, we believe that having a baby requires thousands of pictures which go beyond words. As a parent myself, I’m always looking for cute new ideas to document memories, keepsakes, monumental events and more. Well, I have discovered the CUTEST idea for a baby’s first [...]

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