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Santa: Fact or Fiction for Your Little One

Around this time of the year, this is a fun topic to discuss. Now that I have two daughters, with the oldest one literally jumping up and down every day asking when Santa is going to come to the house, I now understand the magic of Santa. I know there is debate on if we are [...]

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Teaching Holiday Traditions to My Kids

Warms the Heart Growing up, one of my favorite holiday traditions was tagging a live tree for Christmas. Each year as the leaves turned and started to fall, my parents would pack us into the station wagon and drive to a local Christmas tree farm. My whole family would walk around hundreds of trees looking [...]

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Babies, Bumps & Bundles! #42

Graco’s Newest Bundle! Congratulations to Valerie Cansler, Manager of Marketing Research and her family on the birth of their gorgeous bundle of boy!!  Little “BL” Cansler was born Thursday, November 18, 2010, weighing   8 lbs. 9 oz.  Welcome! Share some of your great photos of cuteness and awe on the Graco Flickr page.  Your bump or baby [...]

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Bundles, Bumps & Babies! #40

This is one the Graco family has been excitedly waiting to feature!  Do you remember the **adorable** bump pic from BBB #14   back in May??   Well lovely “Gracie”, born in July is here and already over 3 months old!  Here she is with her very best pal and grandmother, ”Nannie”, sporting her newest hat.  So cute!!  We are all [...]

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Celebrating Birthdays with the Kids

I love to celebrate holidays, so birthdays are certainly no exception! My kids are fortunate to get two birthday celebrations every year–one local party & another one back at home, in Pennsylvania. Mom here, only gets one celebration (but, I do milk it for all it’s worth & get an entire birthday weekend).   This year, on [...]

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Fall + Favorite Family Traditions = Joyful Nostalgia

As the leaves start to change and the air gets a little crisp, I stay plenty warm with the joyful nostalgia that fills my body.  I’m reminded of weekend trips to Auburn University with my family for SEC football games (Disclaimer: I am a loyal Georgia Bulldawg.), daily hot chocolate intake, home-made roasted pumpkin seeds, and of course the [...]

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Ways to Bond with Grandbaby

The importance of bonding with multiple caregivers in developing a child’s sense of security and self-esteem has been getting more attention in research in recent years. Who could offer a more natural extension of family ties than grandmom or grandpa?  Many grandparents are gushy about their impending arrival and can’t wait to be all over that baby!  [...]

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Development Milestone – Losing Baby Teeth

Sometimes life just takes you by surprise. Last week I was helping Baby brush her teeth before bed. I say help, but in reality I was doing it for her to make sure it’s done well. Anyway, as I’m spin brushing away, I see something stuck behind her bottom tooth. It wasn’t easy to identify [...]

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Bundles, Bumps & Babies! #28

Summer Day Dreamin….. As parents we know that we can’t wait for our newborns to take a little snooze so that we can get some rest too.  I could never resist watching my girls sleep when they were babies.  Here is a precious ”Sleeping Beauty”  who is just the perfect picture of peace… Sweet Dreams……  Visit [...]

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Graco “From The Heart” Sweepstakes Winner

Finally, after a year of anticipation, Graco has a “From the Heart” sweepstakes winner, the Zaelit family.  The sweepstakes included a Graco suite of products, a family gathering to celebrate the baby, and lots of other goodies! The Zaelit’s are extremely grateful for their prize and it was a pleasure celebrating the arrival of baby [...]

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