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Monthly Blogger Spotlight: Surprised Mama

In the past, I have already confessed to being a don’t want to be cured Twitaholic, so it should come as no shock when I say I “met” this month’s spotlight blogger on Twitter. Charma from Surprised Mama is as lovely to chat with as her baby boy, Mr. A, is sweet. The “A” in [...]

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Monthly Blogger Spotlight: Calgary Daddy

I first read Calgary Daddy’s blog when he wrote about his newborn son’s first bath. The photos were adorable and it brought me right back to when Baby was given her first bath. When I read another parent’s blog, I feel connected to someone sharing the same day-to-day challenges and triumphs with children. Isn’t that [...]

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Monthly Blogger Spotlight: Jennifer at Mami2Mommy

As parents, we all reach out for support in different ways. I am no different. When facing the life-changing event of relocation, I found comfort through Twitter and being able to communicate with other parents in the surrounding communities of Atlanta. That’s when I started tweeting with Jennifer at Mami2Mommy. Imagine how excited I was [...]

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Monthly Blogger Spotlight: Tarzan & Jane

I have been following for about 8 months now. I discovered the blog while I was pregnant with Pinkie Pie & Jane was pregnant with Monkey (I loved the name of the blog too!). Not only did I follow the blog because Jane & I were going through the same stuff, I thought their [...]

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Monthly Blogger Spotlight – Lori at Mommyfriend

Mommyfriend is a new find for me.  I recently joined  Network for Wives where I found highlighted by it’s creator, Lori.  You are drawn in by the tagline “…finding perfection in imperfection daily” and you are not disappointed from there.  Lori creates a really fun feel, has a light and open format and I find her writing style witty and [...]

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Graco Monthly Nods – Featured Blogs from 2009

You may have heard of a program we do once a month here on the Graco blog, called “Monthly Nods.” We love this program because we enjoy getting to call out some of our old favorites and new discoveries in the blogging world. Our team is constantly out there reading and trying to keep up with [...]

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Graco Monthly Nods – November

Donna Donnelly – The Breakup That Hurts More Than Anything: Getting Dumped By Your Babysitter – The Storked Blog Did you ever have someone breakup with you? How terrible was it? Now imagine it’s your babysitter!!! The Storked Blog page at had an interesting post this month discussing the dreaded end of babysitter relationships. Finding [...]

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Graco Monthly Nods – October

Karen Hartzell – The one where I take the wrong kid to the pediatrician – Peapod Squad Stuff This post just made me laugh! A, because I love a good family similar to Everbody Loves Raymond other than my own. (Yes, I do believe I am married to a man bearing a remarlably similar personality [...]

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Graco Monthly Nods – August

Amy Trice – Goodbye Beach – Scary Mommy My August Nod goes to Scary Mommy’s “Goodbye Beach” (inspired by Goodnight Moon). It is a sweet farewell to summer and summer vacation. Heidi Parker – Nine Months to Life - Anti-Maternity Wear I can absolutely relate to Sarah’s post here because I’m right at the point of [...]

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Graco Monthly Nods – July

Lindsay Lebresco – Break Out the Kleenex, It’s the BlogHer 09′ Community Keynote – BlogHer So if you were here earlier this week perhaps you heard read me go on and on about the BlogHer Community Keynote.  Guess what? I’m going to do it again. This time I’m going to Nod all the keynoters because [...]

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