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Secrets of a Grandparent

One would have thought I’d learned everything there is to know about parenthood and about life simply from having emerged (in 1 piece) from 27 years (OMG!) in the parenting trenches.   One thing in life is certain – you always keep learning. So now that I have a little over a year of grandparenthood under my belt,  I’m [...]

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Bundles, Bumps & Babies! #40

This is one the Graco family has been excitedly waiting to feature!  Do you remember the **adorable** bump pic from BBB #14   back in May??   Well lovely “Gracie”, born in July is here and already over 3 months old!  Here she is with her very best pal and grandmother, ”Nannie”, sporting her newest hat.  So cute!!  We are all [...]

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Ways to Bond with Grandbaby

The importance of bonding with multiple caregivers in developing a child’s sense of security and self-esteem has been getting more attention in research in recent years. Who could offer a more natural extension of family ties than grandmom or grandpa?  Many grandparents are gushy about their impending arrival and can’t wait to be all over that baby!  [...]

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You Know You’re a Grandmother When…..

You know you’re a grandmother when ….. – You find yourself anguishing not about your big meeting next week, but instead by what your grandmother name is going to be…….hmmm – You find yourself in the birthing room again, but it’s not you doing the work this time!  (I’m not sure which side of the bed is easier). [...]

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Babies, Bumps & Bundles! #32

Baby’s First Birthday! It seems like only yesterday that our little LoveBird was still a bump, but now she is way more than a bundle and much more than a baby!  Our little lady turned 1 year old on September 11!  She celebrated with her parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, uncles, aunts and friends at the restaurant [...]

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This Sunday, Sept. 12 is Grandparent’s Day!

What will your family do to commemorate? Here are a just a few ideas… Sunday September 12, 2010 marks the 36th anniversary of the founding of Grandparent’s Day  in West Virginia by Marian McQuade, as well as the anniversary of  the first official federal observance  – September 9, 1979 — 31 years after being signed into law by President Jimmy Carter [...]

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Graco “From The Heart” Sweepstakes Winner

Finally, after a year of anticipation, Graco has a “From the Heart” sweepstakes winner, the Zaelit family.  The sweepstakes included a Graco suite of products, a family gathering to celebrate the baby, and lots of other goodies! The Zaelit’s are extremely grateful for their prize and it was a pleasure celebrating the arrival of baby [...]

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Showers for Grandparents?

Last year, when Lovebird was born, one of my coworkers surprised me by decorating my chair with an “It’s A Girl!” balloon.  I also received a few cards, a book titled, “In Grandma’s Arms” and a photo album from some of my good friends and sweet cousins.  These people were thrilled to be congratulating me and sharing my excitement at being a 1st [...]

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Welcome Home Baby

Anxiety. Joy. Fright. Exhilaration. Pride. Exhaustion. Many new parents find themselves experiencing these emotions…and sometimes even all at once. Prime example – the day you leave the hospital and head home with a new baby. Babies do not come with instruction manuals. In my opinion, they should. Just saying. We were full of joy leaving [...]

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Granddaughter’s First Christmas

Continuing on with this year of “firsts” our Love Bird celebrated her 1st Christmas. It was a wonderful and very different “first” for the rest of the family. Having a new little angel around just brought back the meaning of the holiday. Donned in her Santa/Reindeer/Snowman outfit, she watched with wide eyes while Mom and [...]

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