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Wondrous Wednesday #102 & Graco Get One Give One #6

‘Tis the season to be jolly… How can this family not be jolly when celebrating FOUR generations together this year? Happy Holidays to fellow blogger, Donna and her family. Thank you for sharing your special family moment. Every Wednesday we’ll be sharing a photo showing off a little bit of wonder in the lives of [...]

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What Do You Wish Your Child’s Grandparents Just KNEW?? – Graco Get One Give One #4

The Quest to be American Idol Grandparent Did you ever wish you could just give your child’s Grandparents a list of Dos and Don’ts and avoid all those frustrations, conflicts and potential hurt feelings? If you could just give it to them straight, what would your most important rule be? I’m now 13 weeks into my career as [...]

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How grandchildren strengthen family bonds

Susie Simmons, one of our wonderful executive assistants at Graco, celebrated her first holiday with her new grandbaby, “THE Kai-ster” on Thanksgiving. Kai-ster is now 8 months old and has quickly stolen the hearts of his entire family. Her grandbaby’s arrival created a new bond among her family she found was near impossible to describe, “The addition of [...]

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Metal High Chairs and Wind-Up Swings

THIS was my highchair each time I visited my Grammy and Peeps’ house for holidays and other family gatherings. Not only did I actually use this high chair at one point, but it was also my mother’s and her siblings’ when they were children. And yes, the photo above is the actual high chair. My [...]

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From Bump to Bundle

Well She’s Here! You may have seen Love Bird featured in Wondrous Wednesday #89, or you may have seen me tweeting from the waiting room… Starting from the moment I learned my DD was being moved during a possible version procedure (turning of a breech baby) into the O.R. for a C-section, I am learning [...]

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Wondrous Wednesday #89

We are pleased to announce that fellow blogger, Donna, is now an official Grandmother. “Love Bird” made her grand entrance on Friday, September 11th, 2009, at 12:01 pm, weighing in at 8lbs 1oz and 20.5 inches long, and according to “Nonna,” “looks just like her mom (only with hair)”. Best wishes to Donna and her [...]

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I Love You a Bushel and a Peck and a Hug Around the Neck

As I approach being a first-time grandmom, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to give advice without meddling and how to be fun but supportive of  “the rules.”   My hope is to be fair, wise AND relevant. Naturally, my mind returns to my own Mamie and the 45 years that I was lucky enough [...]

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I was hopping around on some of my favorite blogs and found that is playing a fun game where readers submit 5 of their own “Mom-finitions.”  As parents, we all know how easy it becomes to invent new words and that we have a tendency to come up with our own funny sayings, original [...]

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Grandmother Names-What should mine be?

It didn’t occur to me that I would have to pick a new name for myself, but one of the first questions everyone asks me when they learn of my impending granddaughter’s birth is “Do you know what you want to be called?” My first reaction is to let her name me. Shouldn’t that be [...]

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It’s a… It’s a…

Like a lot of people “our age,” Hubby says he doesn’t like the idea of “ruining” the surprise by finding out the gender of the child before birth. Hearing those words “It’s a….. It’s a…..” he says, is the fun part of waiting to find out. With our girls, we always wanted to be surprised [...]

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