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Ideas on How to Measure Your Baby’s Growth

Do you ever wonder if your baby recognizes you more easily with a camera in front of your face than without? I have a feeling many mama bloggers may agree. Gracie turns six months old tomorrow, so I know what we’ll be doing tonight: Photoshoot!! I’ve come to really love my monthly recordings of my [...]

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Baby’s First Cold

We’re having an all out SNOW DAY here in Atlanta – hurrah!  Gracie, Grantie Lucy & I are staying safe at home – and we had fun going to get provisions last night. You should have seen the meat department!  The only poultry left at our local Publix was literally three whole chickens, a couple [...]

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Soon to be Nicholson

I’m engaged!!  Well, I have been engaged for a month – but it is my first time sharing it here…so… I’M ENGAGED!!  I met my fiance, Danny, a few years back in NYC while we were both living in the WONDERFUL city.  We made a quick trip back to “our home” in December to visit some [...]

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Baby’s First Solid Foods–Yum Yum!!

Pinkie Pie (my youngest) is 16 months now so she is trying to learn how to use utensils to feed herself. It got me thinking about how fast she is growing up and how it feels like just yesterday that PP (my older daughter) was eating her first solids. My pediatrician told me that I [...]

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Hosting My First Thanksgiving

Over the last year or so, I’d say there have been quite a few things that have made me feel like I might be becoming a real-life grown up. I got married. My husband and I bought our first house. And now, this year, we are hosting our very first Thanksgiving. On Thursday, we’ll be [...]

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You Know You’re a Grandmother When…..

You know you’re a grandmother when ….. – You find yourself anguishing not about your big meeting next week, but instead by what your grandmother name is going to be…….hmmm – You find yourself in the birthing room again, but it’s not you doing the work this time!  (I’m not sure which side of the bed is easier). [...]

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Savoring Baby’s “Firsts”

My Pinkie Pie is almost 14 months now! It is hard to believe that a year has gone! Pinkie has had a lot of important “firsts” over the past 14 months, so I wanted to take a moment to reminisce about them… –First outing: Target (Pinkie was 5 days old). This is a Parlaman baby [...]

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Babies, Bumps & Bundles! #32

Baby’s First Birthday! It seems like only yesterday that our little LoveBird was still a bump, but now she is way more than a bundle and much more than a baby!  Our little lady turned 1 year old on September 11!  She celebrated with her parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, uncles, aunts and friends at the restaurant [...]

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Development Milestone – Losing Baby Teeth

Sometimes life just takes you by surprise. Last week I was helping Baby brush her teeth before bed. I say help, but in reality I was doing it for her to make sure it’s done well. Anyway, as I’m spin brushing away, I see something stuck behind her bottom tooth. It wasn’t easy to identify [...]

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Development Milestone – My First Grader!

When Baby graduated kindergarten in May I was weepy and bleary eyed with pride. I had all summer to prepare myself for her heading back to school as a grown up first grader. Flash forward to August. New uniforms were ordered, washed and hung in the closet. New school shoes were bought and worn home [...]

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