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We had recently celebrated our 100th post here on the Graco Blog. We received a host of good suggestions and encouraging comments to Lindsay’s commemorative post on the subject. A truly nice moment. Then, conferring with Lindsay a day or so later on a different topic, she brought up some of the comments we’d received [...]

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On the Road Again

With the summer upon us, I am sure that people are reading tons of travel posts lately so I wanted to write about my road trip with my husband and PP to see my sister in Raleigh, NC. We have been traveling to NC every summer since before PP was born. Our first road trip with her [...]

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My Little Princess?

You know that saying- “Never say never” ? That’s a phrase many-a-parent knows all too well. Because pre-kids, when the phrase “You think you know but you have no idea” is more appropriate, you make all kinds of statements about what you will and will not do as parents once you have kids. Well I [...]

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Help Name Our Unborn Baby!!

Your name says so much about you. How many times have you heard this statement? Well, when you are in the process of naming an unborn child – that statement preoccupies your every thought. You find yourself completely obsessed with finding the “perfect name”. My husband & I are expecting our 2nd child and we [...]

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Baby #2 Fears – Be Gone!

Before Hercules was born I had a number of fears about “Baby #2″ and her big brother, Boog.  However, now that she’s almost 11 weeks old I can say that I feel extremely fortunate with Baby #2.  She eats.  She sleeps.  Did I mention that she sleeps?  Oh.  And she doesn’t cry much. Yeah!!!  Definitely a [...]

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Graco Welcomes another Blogger Baby!

Well it’s 2 down and 2 to go! (Graco blogger baby births, that is)  This time it was Kristin DeLoach who gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl (who they are still calling “BrotherSister” for the blog- don’t be concerned – I know the real name and I can assure you, it is much [...]

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Happy DADA Day!

I love this picture. This is excitement incarnate- the effect of watching your cousins doing cannonball after cannonball into the pool. Cheering them on with such genuine emotion. I love it. I see this face a lot- well maybe not exactly this face- but ones very similar. I see it when I come up the [...]

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One Stay-at-Home Dad’s Point of View

As a lot of you know, my husband Chris, is a stay-at-home Dad. In recognition of Father’s Day, I asked him if he would be willing to share his perspective on taking on that role in our home. After he sighed and “thanked” me for the “homework assignment,” he apparently got to work! (because he just [...]

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Top 10 Ways to Keep a 2 Year Old Quiet

Every parent knows the anxiety that comes when you receive a wedding invitation that says “children invited”. The first thought that rushes through your head is, how will I keep our daughter quiet during the wedding service? Now that my husband & I are experiencing life with a 2 year old – it’s amazing how [...]

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Add Cheer: Volunteer!

Volunteer. Give Back. Pitch in. Help out. Lend a hand. These are all synonymous terms. Regardless of how you refer to it, the opportunities abound, both individually and as a family, through businesses, faith-based organizations, government, nonprofits, school and youth groups, older adult groups, etc… For quite a while now, we’ve been volunteering either as [...]

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