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Guest Celebrity Blogger – Actress and mom, Tori Spelling

This past January I had the pleasure of meeting Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott and baby Liam at the Boom Boom Room in LA. Of course I was in awe of meeting Tori, who before I watched religiously on Beverly Hills 90210, I loved as Screech’s nerdy girlfriend Violet on Saved By the Bell. Yes, I have [...]

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Can I Freeze Time, Please?

OK.  I admit it.  I’m not a newborn baby person.  There.  I said it.  Hopefully this doesn’t put me in the “Bad Mom” category.  I love my new little Hercules and I loved Boog when he was born too.  However, I didn’t fall head over heels crazy in love with my Boog until he started [...]

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Including the Big Sister with Baby #2

We have a small baby boom going on at Graco.  As you can see just from our blog contributors – 3 out of 9 of us are expecting (that we know of?!) and one has a 7 week old.  And they are all 2nd babies. We have had some great discussions on the differences between pregnancy #1 [...]

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My Fashion “Sense”

It’s commonly known that the sense of smell is the strongest sense tied to memory.  I’m going to have to disagree here – it’s certainly my “sense of fashion” that has the strongest ties to memory.  For some reason I have committed to memory, every onesie, sleeper, creeper, jumper, sweater, jacket, hat, shoe and bathing suit that my [...]

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Questions, questions, questions

I’ve got a question for you: what happened to turn my son from a soiled, smelly and satisfied-with-it sixth grader into a clean, aromatically aware thirteen year-old in a matter of months? Could it be: a) The fine example of immaculate personal hygiene set by his well-groomed paternal parent? b) An overzealous attempt to draw [...]

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A not-so-fun first

We all love to talk about the firsts. The first smile. The first steps. The first taste of real food. That first solid poop… (well maybe that was just me) -anyway I think you get me. This is a “first” you dread. This all started with the first frightened mama phone call, which quickly turned to [...]

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Feng Shui – Bring Joy and Wonder into the Nursery

Designing a nursery is a very important and fun aspect of planning for a baby. You want the room where your little one will sleep and play to be comfortable, cozy and safe. As parents, you want to enjoy the atmosphere while feeding or soothing your baby as well. You probably look through the entertainment and home [...]

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Thanks Mom!(& Happy Mother’s Day)

Every day is a good day to thank your mom. I truly try to do that whenever I think of it. Here’s an example of a recent call – “Hello Mom? I just heard a radio ad about paying down your college debt- thanks for paying for college and not leaving me with heaps of [...]

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Childhood Crush Already??

Kim’s post about Bear having a best friend at 2 years old made me stop & think. Does PP (who is also 2) have a best friend? Not really, but what she does have is a boyfriend (aka childhood crush). Of course I use that term affectionately (and not realistically) but there is a boy at [...]

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In Vitro-An Ordinary Miracle?

I’m inspired to write this blog for a dear friend of mine. It’s a bit personal but is intended to provide hope to others enduring the same struggles. My daughter’s favorite movie, Charlotte’s Web, has a beautiful theme song – Ordinary Miracle. The song’s message holds a life mantra we all should practice: Life is [...]

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