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Thanks Mom!(& Happy Mother’s Day)

Every day is a good day to thank your mom. I truly try to do that whenever I think of it. Here’s an example of a recent call – “Hello Mom? I just heard a radio ad about paying down your college debt- thanks for paying for college and not leaving me with heaps of [...]

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Childhood Crush Already??

Kim’s post about Bear having a best friend at 2 years old made me stop & think. Does PP (who is also 2) have a best friend? Not really, but what she does have is a boyfriend (aka childhood crush). Of course I use that term affectionately (and not realistically) but there is a boy at [...]

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In Vitro-An Ordinary Miracle?

I’m inspired to write this blog for a dear friend of mine. It’s a bit personal but is intended to provide hope to others enduring the same struggles. My daughter’s favorite movie, Charlotte’s Web, has a beautiful theme song – Ordinary Miracle. The song’s message holds a life mantra we all should practice: Life is [...]

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Take Your Child to Work Day (or just show them off!)

It’s always exciting to hear the pitter patter of little feet throughout the Graco building.  We had many little visitors during Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day last week.  Employees got to bring their children to experience the magic that happens here at Graco every day!  Sure, we think we’re engineering and designing breakthrough [...]

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Happy Birthday to Me!

Reading posts about the “state of kid parties” like this and this have really resonated with me for a couple of reasons, including that I guess that I’m a bit of a traditionalist and growing up, my family’s traditions had a level of simplicity to them. Traditions like getting to choose what you wanted for your [...]

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A Case of the Mondays

I’ve got a bad one. And I have them a lot- almost every Monday. It’s like a hangover from a super fun weekend with my kids. Melissa and I talk about this all the time- we sit right next to each other and every Monday we catch up on the weekend’s events (like her recent [...]

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And Sometimes, the baby arrives early . . .

A family’s adventure with a premature baby – Guest post by Mike Langmaid I’m happy to share a guest post from Mike Langmaid who works on car seats here at Graco. Knowing that the March of Dimes‘ March for Babies fundraisers are kicking off, I asked Mike to share the story of the early arrival [...]

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Supernanny on Speed Dial

Before I had my daughter, I would watch Supernanny & think about how bad these kids were behaving and who are these parents that let their kids get away with it? Well, last week at my cousin’s birthday party held at a family fun center, I felt the Supernanny hidden camera on me. I went to the birthday party by [...]

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Welcome Jason!

Between the baby boom among the bloggers and Jon being our only dad, I am very happy to introduce a new Graco blogger to the team – Jason Arnold.  Jason is an Industrial Designer here at Graco and the father of “Little Man” who is 18 months old.  He also has another little one on the [...]

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What are they thinking? Ask!

I absolutely love “interviewing” my son. No- I’m not getting him ready for corporate America already, I just love hearing what he thinks about stuff. All kinds of stuff. My husband rolls his eyes at me but I could do this for hours with Jagger. It’s one of the sweetest things about kids this age [...]

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