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Favorite Things-A Look Into A 5-Year Old’s Mind

I trying to limit the amount of time my almost 5-year old can watch TV.  So In an effort to offer fun activities outside of TV, I just bought her the game called Pinkalicious Cupcake Party. She actually loves playing (and I have to admit, I do too!).  This past weekend I decided an “interview” [...]

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Kids Avoiding Punishment–Funny Stories

At what age does the act of manipulation start? I would argue after watching my two half-brothers grow, it starts around birth. I believe it’s innocent at first, but somewhere along the way through observation and absorption; it becomes an art form for some kids. My half-brothers are no exception. I will use the oldest [...]

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Disciplining Someone Else’s Child–Does it take a Village?

Over Thanksgiving, I had the pleasure of taking my half-brothers to a neighborhood park. A parent of another child present decided that one of my brother’s was misbehaving. They were handing out admonishments and dictating what playground behavior was appropriate. Since I am not a mother myself and have little experience  with such occurrences, it [...]

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Ideas on How to Measure Your Baby’s Growth

Do you ever wonder if your baby recognizes you more easily with a camera in front of your face than without? I have a feeling many mama bloggers may agree. Gracie turns six months old tomorrow, so I know what we’ll be doing tonight: Photoshoot!! I’ve come to really love my monthly recordings of my [...]

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All Things Baby: Atlanta New Mommy Event

Calling All Atlanta Moms-To-Be! Mark your calendars for Saturday, February 12 from 10:00 a.m. until noon for an event all about you! We think planning for your new baby should be fun – but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start!  If you’re looking for helpful pointers, tips and solutions to make your transition [...]

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What kind of disciplinarian are you?

Discipline is a tricky subject. It’s completely subjective, and most people have some pretty strong opinions on the topic. I know I’m guilty of trying not to stare while a parent yells at her screaming child in the grocery store, or I’ve  wondered how a family could let their kids play Ring-Around-The-Rosy in the middle [...]

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Secrets of a Grandparent

One would have thought I’d learned everything there is to know about parenthood and about life simply from having emerged (in 1 piece) from 27 years (OMG!) in the parenting trenches.   One thing in life is certain – you always keep learning. So now that I have a little over a year of grandparenthood under my belt,  I’m [...]

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Soon to be Nicholson

I’m engaged!!  Well, I have been engaged for a month – but it is my first time sharing it here…so… I’M ENGAGED!!  I met my fiance, Danny, a few years back in NYC while we were both living in the WONDERFUL city.  We made a quick trip back to “our home” in December to visit some [...]

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Bundles, Bumps and Babies! #45

The  latest installment of “Girls just want to have fun!” What’s more fun than a rolling roll of TP?   Here our LoveBird  “helps” her mom get ready.  Nonna could just eat her up. Share some of your great photos of cuteness and awe on the Graco Flickr page.  Your little one may be selected for posting on our Wednesday [...]

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I’m Dreaming of A White Christmas

It was an unusually white Christmas for some not so usual places. States, towns, and cities all over the US were surprised by the heavy snowfall and flakes outside their window just as the bells from Santa’s sleigh faded into the distance Christmas morning. I happen to live in one of those states and cities [...]

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