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Big Red Forehead

You know how little kids do things that confound parental understanding? Like when your little one licks the dog, or eats something off the floor totally disregarding the 5 second rule, or takes to fingerpainting on your walls with “organic” materials. You wonder “How can you not see that’s a bad idea?” But then, on [...]

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Summer Camp: The Aftermath

Gus just completed his annual week in the mountains at summer Boy Scout Camp. I don’t know exactly how many Scout Troops were there this year, but there sure were a lot of uninformed Scouts on that mountain. I haven’t seen that much Khaki since the last clearance sale at the GAP. As usual, he [...]

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We had recently celebrated our 100th post here on the Graco Blog. We received a host of good suggestions and encouraging comments to Lindsay’s commemorative post on the subject. A truly nice moment. Then, conferring with Lindsay a day or so later on a different topic, she brought up some of the comments we’d received [...]

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Questions, questions, questions

I’ve got a question for you: what happened to turn my son from a soiled, smelly and satisfied-with-it sixth grader into a clean, aromatically aware thirteen year-old in a matter of months? Could it be: a) The fine example of immaculate personal hygiene set by his well-groomed paternal parent? b) An overzealous attempt to draw [...]

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What I Said Instead

Do you find yourself, as a parent, always putting a positive spin on things with your kids? You say what you know is right instead of what you’re thinking. (first example below) We have to set the good example, after all. But one time, JUST ONE TIME, wouldn’t you like to say what you were [...]

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Play Ball!

Winter’s just about gone.  You can practically smell the warming sunny springtime around the corner.  Spring Training has started, and dads all over the country are sizing up their team’s chances for the 2008 season.  Some dads are hardcore fans like Red Sox Dad and some are more casual observers, but regardless of their fervor [...]

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pickle post

A Parenting Pickle

Okay…I’m in a pickle, and not one of those sweet little gherkin pickles, either.  It’s more of a huge sour pickle you have to fish out of barrel at the deli.  The kind that’s so sour, it sucks your face inside out when you take a bite.  That’s me right now…in a pickle, face sucked [...]

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My family went to the movies last week.  After we enjoyed the movie and were leaving the theater, there,  out of the darkness of the theater strolled five large figures; two adults whom we recognized, with three boys we marveled at.  The adults were long-time friends of ours from back in the pre-parenthood era, when [...]

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