Deanna Conkling

Position and time at Graco: Fashion Designer, at Graco for 7+ years

Growing up, I always dreamed of being: I honestly have always wanted to be a mother and a wife before anything else. But in my dream world I would love to own a creative furniture/art gallery/coffee shop.

If I starred on “America’s Got Talent,” my act would be: Singing Broadway tunes

The most adventurous thing I’ve ever done: My friend was in the Peace Corps in Bolivia and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit her and check another continent off my list. Once I finally got there (a day late because of plane delays which were their own adventure in themselves!) we headed straight to the pampas (jungle) and took off on a river cruise (i.e. motorized canoe) out to the middle of the jungle. We slept in screen houses, went on an anaconda hike where I had the opportunity to hold varying sizes of the snake, went on a midnight alligator search (via our motorized canoes) where you knew you found one if you saw their eyes shining back at you, and swam with South American dolphins (in the same river we had found alligators the previous night!) It was an amazing adventure and a truly memorable experience.

My ideal vacation would be: I would love to go to Benin, Africa to visit the place where my parents met while in the Peace Corps.

Favorite childhood memory: I thought I was the coolest kid on the block because my grandpa had his own plane. What made it even cooler for a kid who loved roller coasters and adventure, was that his plane (that he built himself with my uncle from a kit, by the way) was just for 2 people with a glass canopy roof. Each summer he would fly the 1 hour trip down to where we lived and pick up myself or one of my sisters to spend the week with my grandma and him. I LOVED having that special time with him and the rush of him flying the plane in a nose dive while all I could see was the huge sky above and around me!

Dish of choice when dining out: Anything Asian – love Thai (noodles & curry – what’s not to love?), Szechuan (love the spice), Korean (stone bowls!), etc.

Favorite product and why: Cuddle Cove has been the favorite product around our house since we have had Xman around. He slept SO well in the “cuddler” and it was easy to move him from room to room without disturbing him. Now that he is a bit bigger he loves to sleep in the bassinet which is conveniently located next to the changer for a quick late night diaper change. And of course the fashion works perfectly with the color scheme of our bedroom, where it is for now, but will be a nice neutral look for wherever the pack-n-play travels with us.