Heather Ward

Position at Graco: Sr. Fashion Marketing Manager

How long at Graco: 6 years

My favorite kids: My first baby that is on the way! (I will call him or her “Tyson” on the blog)

Latest “wondrous” moment: Feeling Tyson give me a one, two punch while I sit in business meetings. Note to self…cut down on the sugar.

Most memorable firsts:
• FINALLY having a positive pregnancy test after 4 rounds of IVF!
• My first kiss with my husband (awwww)—it was so middle school. Literally, we were standing in front of his middle school after taking a walk after dinner on our first date. I had to stand on the curb because he is so tall!

You just have to know this about me:
· I am a firm believer in multi tasking—why not look through a magazine, watch a movie, eat dinner, talk to your husband at the end of a hard day & throw the dog his toy all at once?
· I love taking pictures
· I have a tradition of busting out my famous Christmas sweater close to the holidays
· I went to the Golden Globes & was interviewed by E! in the fan stands

If someone said “Go to your Happy Place,” where would you go?:
· Any sale at Banana Republic or Gap Maternity!
· Polihale State Park in Kauai, Hawaii—the most beautiful, peaceful beach in the world that we visited on our honeymoon

If someone dumped out my purse they would find: RECEIPTS, long lasting lipsticks, Goody headband, and candy. Thank goodness I am not packing to go on a stranded island!

The first thing I think of when I wake up is: Please let it be Saturday!

My favorite children’s book is: Charlottes Web