Jen Callaghan

Name: Jen Callaghan

Position at Graco: Commercialization Manager: aka, I get to tell the story of some of our best products!

How long at Graco: 4 years

My favorite kids: Six months married so no children yet, people (although many are starting to ask “when” right about now…my answer is 2011.) Luckily, through this wondrous union, I now have two adorable nephews and one adorable niece.

Latest “wondrous” moment: Well, this would have to have been my wedding day… September 28th to be exact. I remember being pulled on stage with my new husband to end the night with an amazing performance of “Don’t Stop Believing” with the band, while looking into an audience of 300 of our closest friends and family members. It was overwhelming to realize how many great people we have in our lives. But the true wondrous moment came about a week and a half later when it occurred to me that I needed a moment with just the two of us, without all of the lights and cameras and music, to just really listen to the commitment we were making to each other. We found ourselves a beautiful beach in Kauai with the sweetest minister. The rain clouds came in as we made our way to the beach, and eerily parted to a beautiful sunset just as we “renewed our vows” a week and a half into being married. It’s something I’ll never forget.

You just have to know this about me: I’m completely addicted to the Jersey shore. Although 27 years old, I still have a house with 15 of my closest friends for the summer. Last year, a new addition came when one of our friends brought there newborn in their Graco car seat! The next generation of addicts has begun!

If I had my 15 minutes of fame it would be because: I made the Guinness Book of World records for “Most Ice Cream Eaten in a Lifetime”. It’s a running joke around here that I have a 3 PM ice cream break everyday. I bring my own gallons, cones, and scooper. Sometimes, people join me, but most of the time they just laugh. I guess there are worse habits.

My favorite children’s book is: I think as a veteran babysitter, I would have to say Goodnight Moon. That book is an actual miracle worker…instant sleep! Unfortunately, it works on adults as well. Too often I’d be awakening to find I had drifted off during story time.