Kim Lefko

Kim bio picPosition at Graco: Vice President of Global Marketing

How long at Graco: 5 ½ Years

My favorite kids: It depends on the day…of course my adorable 2 year old daughter “Bear” is my favorite child. However, I must add that I have 13 amazing nieces and nephews that I’m in absolute awe over. The ability to experience the love of a child is incredible and impossible to describe.

Latest “wondrous” moment: Did you know there could be WONDER in a first taste of chocolate milk? We give our daughter the dynamic choice of milk or water – and that’s plain white milk. During a drive around Starbucks, we ordered a milk and received a chocolate milk by mistake. We didn’t say a word to Bear and instead just dumped it into her sippy cup. The minute she tasted it, she guzzled every bit in a matter of seconds. We asked her how her milk was; and her response was classic- “My chocolate milk was AWESOME!”…her first unprompted use of the word ‘awesome’. Love it.

Most memorable firsts: What mother & father wouldn’t say one of the most memorable and MONUMENTAL firsts is the ‘first time your child sleeps through the night’. At the time it seems like a small miracle has just occurred.

The first moment that melted my heart; you know that feeling you have when everything is perfect in your life? Our daughter has a saying for it…we can be driving down the road, beautiful day and she will blurt out, “Happy to Us!”.

You just have to know this about me: I’ve always wanted to be a mom, more than anything in the world.

If I had my 15 minutes of fame it would be because: Because I won the lottery!

My favorite thing about being a parent is: The innocence of childhood! It truly allows an adult to relive some of the most innocent and precious moments of life. All of the firsts in your life are incredible but you don’t remember them. When you’re a parent you can enjoy the wonder in your child’s eyes when they see snow for the first time, or taste chocolate milk, take their first step or say the most incredible things.

If someone said “Go to your Happy Place,” where would you go?: Hawk’s Nest Beach on St. John

If someone dumped out my purse they would find: No cash. I don’t know what it is, but I never have cash. Chapstick, wet wipes, Blackberry and a wallet with credit cards and no cash.

The first thing I think of when I wake up is: I am so blessed. An amazing husband, daughter, friends, job…it doesn’t get any better than this.

My favorite children’s book is: Curious George is an absolute favorite in our household.

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