First Time Mom – All Over Again

And here’s Amy… (still on maternity leave!!)  When thinking of everything I’d do as an “Experienced Mom,” there were definitely a few things that I planned on improving the second time around – especially in the early months.    Yet, here I am at 3am watching TV and typing with a sleeping baby on my [...]

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kristin wonder

Wondrous Wednesday #16

“Hmmm… I’ve got some explorin’ to do!”  This is a picture of blogger Kristin’s daughter, Punkin’ Bear, in the Children’s Garden at Longwood Gardens here in PA. They had been building this garden since before Punkin’ Bear was born so they were all excited to finally get to see it! (all of it- even the stuff behind the [...]

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A Blankie Addiction

My son has one. He’s got it bad. But guess who’s not ready for rehab? Me. Jagger’s blankie is the love of his life right now – no, not after Mommy and Daddy – I mean the love of his life- A #1, numero uno, TLA. And who can blame him? Who wouldn’t fall in love [...]

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Leaving (if only for a while) for Bigger and Better Things

Maternity leave…time away from work, time to spend enjoying your new addition to the family, time to bond and focus on the most important thing in the world during those few months- your new baby. Many people ask…What is she doing while she’s away? When is she coming back? Will she be different when she [...]

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Put The “O” (Optimism) Back in Mommy

It’s time to put the “O” back in Mommy and the “O” is Optimism!! How many articles are written about sleep deprived mothers, the challenges of balancing motherhood and work, how to whittle that waistline from baby #3 and more… There is so much to celebrate about motherhood and we would all agree that even [...]

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Wondrous Wednesday #15

I didn’t do it. Nobody saw me do it. Can’t prove a thing. This is a photo of Geneva Greenleaf’s (Fashion Team) 5-month Grandson in the Graco Baby Einstein activity center.  She said he takes his “playing” very seriously while he’s in there – like he’s clocking in and going to work.  (looks like a fun [...]

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Happy Birthday

Birthday Wishes to My Daughter

I fell in love with a post that I read about a mother writing a birthday letter to her daughter. Then I came across two other touching birthday letters. Seeing these letters, made me reflect on the past two years of my exciting & rewarding journey with PP. I keep a journal with letters to [...]

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Graco’s Monthly Nod – March

A large part of joining in the conversation in the online parenting community, is reading all of the great conversation that is going on in the blogosphere. We are always sharing cute, funny, informative, and inspiring stories that we’ve read with each other, so we thought it would be a great idea (right?!) to share [...]

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Baby Fairs and “Antiques Roadshow”

I had the pleasure of attending a Baby Expo in San Antonio, TX in the beginning of March. If I heard it once, I heard it a million times- “Do they make that in adult sizes?” Yes, that was the question of the weekend. Parents seem to want the same soothing and comfy experiences that [...]

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What I Said Instead

Do you find yourself, as a parent, always putting a positive spin on things with your kids? You say what you know is right instead of what you’re thinking. (first example below) We have to set the good example, after all. But one time, JUST ONE TIME, wouldn’t you like to say what you were [...]

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