We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

Graco management thinks a little fresh (cold!) air helps kick-start new thinking… and it does! Thinking like, “what did I get myself into?!” We wanted to share some pictures of a recent Graco business meeting where some adventurous staffers decided to check dog-sledding off their list of things they have always wanted to do in life.  They came [...]

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Parenthood x2: The Name Game

What’s in a name? When my husband and I found out we were expecting our little lady, we spent hours and hours scouring through name books and websites like most new parents do; researching names, meanings and even popularity (hint: for those of you currently on the hunt, check out the social security website-believe it [...]

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Wondrous Wednesday #6

“Keep 2 hands on the cupcake at all times!” This is a picture of Kim’s daugther “bear” enjoying every morsel of her 2nd birthday cupcake. Every Wednesday we’ll be sharing a photo showing off a little bit of wonder in the lives of our extended Graco family of customers, employees and friends.

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Faking Sick

My latest wondrous moment? I wonder if a 21 month old can fake sick.  I have decided that they can. I had a haunting feeling yesterday (I guess you can call it mother’s intuition) that I was going to receive that fated phone call from day care that says “your daughter is sick and you have [...]

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My family went to the movies last week.  After we enjoyed the movie and were leaving the theater, there,  out of the darkness of the theater strolled five large figures; two adults whom we recognized, with three boys we marveled at.  The adults were long-time friends of ours from back in the pre-parenthood era, when [...]

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Business trips can be fun – they give me the opportunity to visit new cities and sample different cuisine from around the world – all on the company tab (thanks Graco!). I did not, however, enjoy my recent business trip to Shanghai. Oh, getting there and being there were great. Getting home – not so [...]

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Wondrous Wednesday #5

“I wonder… if we just found a way to get him to eat his spinach!” This is a picture of my son, Jagger having his first haircut. This look was quickly replaced by a smile once he saw how the ladies at the hair salon reacted to his new do! Every Wednesday we’ll be sharing [...]

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The Miracle of a Sleeping Baby

I’m thrilled and honestly will admit, a little nervous about my first blog post.  I am excited that we get to share some of the humanity behind the Graco brand.  So many times you forget there are real moms (like myself…proud mother of a little girl, “Bear” turning 2 in January) behind companies.  My husband and I have [...]

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Martin Luther King Jr. Day

It’s a proud moment when you realize your child did the right thing without parental prompting. When you see that they’ve made a decision or reacted to a situation in a positive way, and did so all on their own. We recently received, in the mail, a letter from the Principal at Gus’ school. Correspondence [...]

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Back to Reality

Greetings from the East Coast!  Yes it’s true; I am back in Pennsylvania… Unfortunately I didn’t get “discovered” out in Hollywood so now I am back in the office and working hard on all of the follow up from the Boom Boom Room. What an amazing event. I am still running off momentum from the mind-blowing two days I [...]

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