Citizen Gus

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

It’s a proud moment when you realize your child did the right thing without parental prompting. When you see that they’ve made a decision or reacted to a situation in a positive way, and did so all on their own. We recently received, in the mail, a letter from the Principal at Gus’ school. Correspondence [...]

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Celebs with Graco at the Boom Boom Room

Back to Reality

Greetings from the East Coast!  Yes it’s true; I am back in Pennsylvania… Unfortunately I didn’t get “discovered” out in Hollywood so now I am back in the office and working hard on all of the follow up from the Boom Boom Room. What an amazing event. I am still running off momentum from the mind-blowing two days I [...]

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Pregnant Diane Farr 2007

The Hollywood Writer’s Strike: A Mom’s Perspective from Celebrity Diane Farr

I’m excited to share this guest post with everyone since I thought the timing would be appropriate given that we just got back from the Boom Boom Room celebrity gifting suite.  Well we also went to the same gifting suite last year and had the opportunity to meet a very pregnant Diane Farr.  She was expecting her first child [...]

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Tori and Dean- WW

Wondrous Wednesday #4

“I wonder… if we will see this on their show!” Here is a picture of Tori and Dean Inn Love… with sweetpeace! After a long day at the Boom Boom Room gifting suite, little Liam McDermott crashed out in sweetpeace for about 20 minutes while we got to hang with his parents. All in a [...]

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All that stuff

We Survived Trains, Planes, and Automobiles over the Holidays!!!!

After surviving all the holiday travel I feel the need to just scream out “YEAH!!!!” (right before passing out from exhaustion, of course) The reason for my excitement is that my husband and I made it from PA to RI (by car) and back (by car again – but this time loaded to the hilt- [...]

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Baby Boom in LA!

As you know, I am in LA at the Boom Boom Room celebrity gifting suite. It has been absolutely amazing and I have much to share, but we will get to that later. As of right now I have some pretty exciting news – word on the street (or more precisely, word on Beverly Blvd where [...]

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Graco at the Boom Boom Room

Graco Hits the Boom Boom Room

So if you read my blog bio, you know me as “Erin McHugh, Marketing Coordinator;” (so formal, which I am not) however my friends refer to me as “Little E.” I may be vertically challenged, but I don’t know if “little” is the proper adjective to describe me, as I am kind of a big [...]

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Sweetpeace with DC Metro Mom Bloggers

A good time Get-Together!

And I mean that. I was told to expect a good time from the DC Metro Mom Bloggers and it wouldn’t be like this group to let anyone down! So a good time was certainly had by all. That’s always easy when you’re surrounded by good food and wine (yes- the wine makes it easy), [...]

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Pudding Pop

Wondrous Wednesday #3

“I wonder… if she was too young for her first sleepover!” Our blog contributor, Melissa Parlaman, proudly shows off a picture of her daughter “Pudding Pop” looking as crazy as she often acts! Every Wednesday we’ll be sharing a photo showing off a little bit of wonder in the lives of our extended Graco family [...]

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Holiday Time is Kid Focus Time

It is a rare occasion when our family of 5 (3 kids) get to spend focused time together. The holidays were a nice time to reconnect and play together. We tried to focus on a select grouping of gifts for the kids since there seems to be too much excess with gifting and no appreciation [...]

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