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Babies, Bundles, and Bumps #74-”May the Force Be With You”

I always forget not only how much energy little boys have, but how early the energy starts to exude itself.  In a recent trip to New York to visit my half-brothers, I found myself awake at 5:30am being dragged out of bed to play Star Wars. I pushed the sleep from my eyes, downed a [...]

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Babies, Bundles & Bumps #70: Little Pumpkin

Thanksgiving is almost here! In about a week we’ll be getting ready for family and feasts. In the meantime, this little one is getting in the fall spirit – maybe some pumpkin pie will be served? How are you spending your Thanksgiving?

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Babies, Bundles & Bumps #68: Cruisin’

This little one is ready to hit the road! Little Miss “B” is all dolled up for a day out on the town. Can I come too!?! Do you have a picture of your precious little one that you’d like featured in our ‘Babies, Bundles, and Bumps’ series? Share it with us at blog@gracobaby.com, and [...]

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Babies, Bundles & Bumps #54: Proud New Graco Parents

You may have read a post or two from Deanna, a new member of our blog team and part of the Graco fashion team. We couldn’t be more excited to welcome their new addition, little “BB,” to the world. And you should be excited too – you’ll be hearing a lot of his stories here! [...]

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Babies, Bundles, & Bumps #53-Home Birth

Would you ever imagine that someday you might deliver your own precious little baby – by yourself?! I don’t think that’s a job that many of us would willingly sign up for, but, thank heavens, Todd was up to the task!  Todd is a member of the Graco family, and has the most amazing story [...]

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Babies, Bundles and Bumps #52

It starts in my toes and I crinkle my nose… There are so many wonderful firsts to experience as a daughter gets older. First words, first steps… first PEDICURE!! A little polka-dotted polish on the toes means bonding time for mama and her little one. This is little KK with pretty pink toes — she [...]

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