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Excitement of a First Pregnancy

Today we’re excited to share an interview with soon-to-be mommy and friend of Graco, Jessica. You can definitely feel the genuine excitement in all of her answers, though I might be hard-pressed to find a new mom that wasn’t thrilled. Here is Jessica’s story: How far along are you and what are you having? In my 28th [...]

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How Babies Change Your Social Life (as a non-parent)

My husband and I haven’t made the leap yet into parenthood for so many reasons (some of which Megan quite perfectly captured in her post Prepping for Preggers: How do you know when you’re ready?). Yet, we are finding that more and more of our free time is spent with our friends who now have [...]

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Ready for my second pregnancy?

Rewind 8 months… We were in the thick of summer in Atlanta and I was 8 months pregnant with my first child. I was hot, tired, cranky and most noticeably, swollen. My body apparently had enough as well because I developed a hive-like rash on my skin (formally known as PUPPPs). I wore gloves on [...]

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