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Xman turns 1!

Any new parent knows that the ability to successfully make it to one year feels like a HUGE accomplishment – almost more so for the parents then the baby.  So what better way to celebrate then with a PARTY!  Andrew and I were excited to throw together a fun little gathering for Xman and host [...]

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Graduation and Another Milestone

I am not sure how my baby girl went from this… to this… I swear it was in the blink of an eye. Other moms warned me that the time would fly by. I thought I had listened. I thought I had tried to cherish each indvidual moment as they happened and pack my brain [...]

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All My Friends Are Having Kids

Is this good? Is this bad? How will it change our relationship going forward? All I have to do is look at Facebook to see that it seems like everyone I know and their brother (even my husband’s brother) is having a baby. It is different though when your tight-knit friends are the ones having [...]

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Crafty Kids: Naturally Dyed Eggs

When I was little, we spent the Saturday night before Easter crafting all of our egg-masterpieces.  We would use crayons, markers, rubberbands, stickers – you name it, we tried to put it on an egg.  Then, in they went, dunked into the little tea cups of brightly saturated liquid.  It always turned into a warm-hearted [...]

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Babies, Bundles & Bumps #54: Proud New Graco Parents

You may have read a post or two from Deanna, a new member of our blog team and part of the Graco fashion team. We couldn’t be more excited to welcome their new addition, little “BB,” to the world. And you should be excited too – you’ll be hearing a lot of his stories here! [...]

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5 Candles on the Cake

The big one is about to happen..the Big 5! Sounds funny to say that, but PP has been telling people she was five for about six months now. PP constantly talks about getting bigger and bigger and is so excited to finally be five. It is hard to believe that my tiny (PP was less [...]

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Babies, Bundles and Bumps #52

It starts in my toes and I crinkle my nose… There are so many wonderful firsts to experience as a daughter gets older. First words, first steps… first PEDICURE!! A little polka-dotted polish on the toes means bonding time for mama and her little one. This is little KK with pretty pink toes — she [...]

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