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How Babies Change Your Social Life (as a non-parent)

My husband and I haven’t made the leap yet into parenthood for so many reasons (some of which Megan quite perfectly captured in her post Prepping for Preggers: How do you know when you’re ready?). Yet, we are finding that more and more of our free time is spent with our friends who now have [...]

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How to Deal With Baby’s Separation Anxiety. Need Advice!

Today’s post is from Jill Cordes, a new mom and host of My First Baby. Please share your tips and advice with her in the comments below. When one of my sitters, Wendy, walks into our apartment, Fia instantly lights up, reaches out her arms and dives into Wendy. I say goodbye and exit. No [...]

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George Clooney vs. the Zombie

With holidays over, and all vacation spent. It’s back to work, and back to school. I notice as that time approaches, even though I’m still hanging at home, kicking back, taking a stab at the honeydo list and whatever, that a thick and darkening cloud begins to form overhead. Like a gathering storm. And then [...]

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