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Prepping for Preggers: Work + Life

A couple of weeks ago we opened our series on Work + Life.  This week our very own Valerie Cansler shares her insights on how she gets through the week.  Val is a market researcher and mom of 2 kids – one boy and one girl.  She is one of the most genuine people I know and [...]

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Ready for my second pregnancy?

Rewind 8 months… We were in the thick of summer in Atlanta and I was 8 months pregnant with my first child. I was hot, tired, cranky and most noticeably, swollen. My body apparently had enough as well because I developed a hive-like rash on my skin (formally known as PUPPPs). I wore gloves on [...]

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Prepping for Preggers: What if…

A lot of hesitation around deciding to have children really does revolve around all of the “what if’s”.  One of the big “what-if’s” that won’t go away is – what if we can’t have kids?  I just recently stumbled across this awesome and personal record of a woman’s struggle with getting pregnant on Joanna Goddard’s [...]

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Liz Lange Answers Your Pregnancy Fashion Questions

Adjusting to your pregnancy bump can be a tricky and daunting experience, particularly when you pair it with all the other changes that happen during pregnancy; hormones, food cravings, exhaustion, nausea… and the list goes on. When the My First Baby community was first established, one of the aims was to bring women together to [...]

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