Tracy Myerson

Tracy bio picName: Tracy Myerson

Position at Graco: Brand Manager—What does that mean anyway? I’m a part of the team that does all Graco photography and content (i.e. videos, podcasts, learning curriculum) direct marketing materials, catalog, and the “My Graco Baby Model Search.”

How long at Graco: 4 years

My favorite kids: Every child I meet at a casting! They all have incredible energy- it’s contagious! I’m not a parent yet, so time cuddling with babies and playing with is always a fun change of pace.

Latest “wondrous” moment: “I wonder how many times I’ll have to sing “Itsy Bitsy Spider” to make this little one smile?” It works like a charm every time, even if it takes a couple verses to warm them up! Something about the sun coming out makes them laugh (or maybe it’s me jumping around like the sun that gets them).

You just have to know this about me: My first job was a character at Walt Disney World when I was 16. My favorite part? Taking pictures with kids hanging off of me and signing autographs (no one will ever ask for my autograph otherwise!)

If I had my 15 minutes of fame it would be because: I’d love to be on a reality television show…more to come.

If someone said “Go to your Happy Place,” where would you go?: A warm place with a hammock by the water with a gentle breeze and waves crashing in. Boring, but isn’t that peaceful sounding?!

If someone dumped out my purse they would find: Lots of loose change (what’s the point of a wallet?), airline and train stubs (I’m not in one place very long), a camera (I never like missing a moment or cute baby!), a PDA (total addiction), and a photo of my kids (2 calico kitties).

My favorite children’s book is: The Very Hungry Caterpillar